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10 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Couple Who Always Has a Third Wheel

10 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Couple Who Always Has a Third Wheel

Now that we’ve kissed (or sobbed) goodbye to Summer, we’re now turning our heads to darker nights, crispier walks and spookier themes. Of course, one of the central events in Autumn (or the epitome, as some fans may argue), is Halloween – so it’s only right that we start thinking about the countless sweets we’ll have the excuse to collect and the epic parties we’ll be hyping about all season! 

If you never have the right opportunity to bust out your best fancy dress all year, you’re guaranteed the perfect opportunity at Halloween! Many of you may already be in relationships and intend to fully utilise that for the ultimate couple dress-up – however, sometimes it isn’t always as smooth sailing as that. Perhaps one of your friends has just broken up with their partner and they need your moral support; or they simply don’t have anyone else to go out with so wanted to tag along with you guys. Maybe your relationship just generally runs with a valued third member. Whatever the story, we’ve got your three-wheel party sorted for awesome Halloween costumes this year!

1. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach

This combination is the perfect setup to emphasise both romance and friendship. While Mario is busy pining and battling away for his damsel in distress, he often does so with the aided support of his brother. This iconic trio ultimately work together as a team rather than a two-dimensional love story and third wheel, so your additional passenger will never feel like the mere sideline. For Princess Peach, Amazon do plenty of themed dresses (as pictured below). As for the brothers, you may be able to escape the spending if you’re able to find out some red and green shirts/jackets and dunagrees. 


2. Batman, Catwoman and Robin

If you’re looking to unleash your inner superhero geek then this is the perfect trio for you! While Batman and Robin are famously coined the Caped Crusaders duo, Catwoman is renowned for being Batman’s romantic partner-in-crime. Either way, this trio encompases its platonic relationships just as importantly as its romantic – which is most likely the theme you’re going for too! For the costumes, will sort you out – even if you’re picky with specific generation styles; they’ll have it. 

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks 

3 is the lucky number here! This trio would hardly work with a member missing, so if that’s the same message you fancy sending with your mini group then maybe it’s time to warm up your voices (or not) and pose as chipmunks for the evening. What’s even better is that you don’t really need to go splashing out on costumes here – just find out dresses/T-shirts in the appropriate colour and stitch on each member’s initial, as done here.


4. Shrek, Fiona and Donkey

Is there a more iconic third wheel trio than this? It’s no question that the Shrek movies wouldn’t be half as great without our beloved Donkey always jumping in on the famous couple. This therefore makes one of the greatest costumes ideas for any couple with an equally lovable third wheel! All three outfits can be found on Amazon – be sure to also purchase some green facepaint (if you don’t already have any), as two of you will definitely be needing some of that.


 5. Sam, Dean and Castiel

Whichever way you choose to interpret the relationships between this legendary trio from Supernatural, it’s going to work! If you’re a firm Destiel shipper then your couple and third wheel character has already been allocated; if you just love the platonic brotherly bond between the three, then maybe your third member can be allocated to the once outsider, now firm favourite angel.

Sorting out costumes here doesn’t need to cost the world either – most items, such as plaid shirts, a trenchcoat and blue tie, you’ll probably already have. The rest, such as characteristic blades and items, could be a simple DIY craft task. 


6. Gatsby, Daisy and Nick

It’s no hidden fact that The Great Gatsby’s Nick is one of the most famous third wheelers in literature. Whether he’s accompanying Gatsby and Daisy on a homely date or following them to an epic flapper party, he’s just always there! That being said, he isn’t some crazy stalker, he’s there because Gatsby insists on his closest friend being around him – so this costume idea does actually boast the concept of friends being valued just as equally as romantic partners.

This also makes the perfectly crafted excuse to indulge in gorgeous 20’s fashion too! You’ll be able to find outfits just about everywhere online, however and are great places to start. 


7. Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell

2 females fighting for the attention of the same guy – this one could be interesting (and subsequently hilarious!). While Peter Pan and Wendy weren’t neccesarily a couple, many of us ended up envisioning a romance between them anyway, making those characters the best allocation for the couple of the group, while fan-favourite (and technical third wheeler) Tinkerbell winds herself up with jealousy over the lack of attention on her. To get the look, do multiple variations of each costume to fit everyone’s favourite rendition!

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8. Three Blind Mice

The perfect Halloween dress-up for couples with an extra passenger! This trio simply doesn’t work with one member less, nor one member more. It’s also a great idea if your third wheeler doesn’t wish to feel… well, third wheel – as there’s barely any characteristic implication other than representing a solid group of three. The outfits themselves are incredibly easy to put together – simply seek out matching black bottoms, black tops and sunglasses, then order some ears and a black cane from Amazon. 

9. Sonic Trio

Go retro this Halloween with a trip back to the old beloved Sonic the Hedgehog and his crew! You can play this one however you like: if you’d like to embody the couple and third wheeler theme, you can have Sonic, his self-proclaimed girlfriend Amy, and his best friend Tails. If you’d rather symbolise a mutual team, go for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (which were the initial gang). In terms of looking the part, Amazon offer multiple full costumes – or if you’re on more of a budget, you can just purchase the head piece from there and dress head to toe in your designated colour!


10. Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie

There are countless famous trios in the Disney franchise, but what better character is there to have your third member as besides the Genie? He ultimately meshes the iconic couple together, meaning his presence in the group is just as vital (and of course, adds valuable entertainment). Whether you’re a classic fan or were won over by this year’s live action remake, have great costumes for all 3 characters in both film styles.


We hope we’ve inspired an awesome costume theme for your mini-group! What are your favourite couple/third-wheel combination outfits? Make sure to comment them down below. Happy Halloween! 

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