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Halloween Cocktails For A Scary Good Time

Halloween Cocktails For A Scary Good Time

Having Halloween cocktails can make your next costume party way spookier! These are some of the tastiest drinks you can find!

With Halloween fast approaching, many of us enjoy taking part in the festivities. Whether that be hosting a party, dressing up, or going trick or treating. If you have reached the age where you can’t trick or treat, then you can have your own treats at home. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? They are fun and enjoyable and for this particular holiday you can enjoy extra special cocktails. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. So, if you want to find out the very best Halloween cocktails for a scary good time then be sure to keep on reading!

The blood inspired cocktail:

Blood is an association with this scary time of year. So why not let it inspire your cocktail? All you need is vodka and a mixer of your choice such as lemonade! add crushed ice and shake. Finish off by pouring a layer of strawberry puree that acts as your blood at the bottom of the glass, add mint and a creepy straw to finish. This deliciously scary cocktail has the wow factor. Once stirred, watch it turn it a deep beautiful red. You could also dip the rim in sugar, dyed with red food colouring for a sweet edge for when you sip this cocktail.

Vampire inspired:

If you aren’t dressed as a vampire this Halloween, at least your cocktail will be inspired by one. Mix vodka, champagne and strawberry liqueur. This is delicious to drink, who doesn’t love champagne for a start? For a scary edge add some sweet gum eye balls or gummy teeth. This super fun drink will go down a treat at any party.

The flavours of Halloween:

If you want to capture the flavours of Halloween, then this cocktail is for you. Take cider, ginger ale and whisky to create the taste of apple and ginger this Halloween. Top with crushed ice and maybe a Halloween inspired straw!

Halloween Cocktails For A Scary Good Time

Super soft drinks:

If you are a hosting a party, why not try making a non-alcoholic drink for all of the designated drivers who want to join in the fun. You could make it as simple as diet coke with crushed ice and lime for a cauldron inspired drink. Pour it in a super fun cup with  sugar eyeballs and fake  sweet teeth that you can buy from selected retailers at this time of year. This will make your average drink Halloween worthy. You could also do the same with cranberry juice for a blood inspired affect. This is one of our favorite Halloween cocktails!

Super shots:

Every good party starts with shots, right? Well for Halloween they aren’t just eye watering strong shots, they are jelly shots. This is just vodka and jelly mixture. This will create a unique fun texture and a cool colour for your guests to enjoy. Once set, you could tear some candy floss and decorate over the jelly to look like cobwebs. You can find an abundance of recipes all over for jelly inspired shots. These are a party favourite and you have to try them for this coming Halloween.

Halloween Cocktails For A Scary Good Time

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Magnificent Martinis:

Martinis are a party favourite and a well-loved drink enjoyed by many at a party or an event. You can find a martini recipe online, or buy it ready made to save yourself the hassle. You can serve over crushed ice with decorative items such as a floating eyeball or Halloween straws. You have to add a little bit of gore and fun seeing as it is Halloween.

Halloween Cocktails For A Scary Good Time

Make your ice cubes creepy:

Every good cocktail comes with ice, so why not make them exciting? Add black food colouring to water for black ice cubes or maybe red food colouring for a blood inspired look. These are sure to impress your friends. You can also think about buying creepy straws and accessories to top in your drink as mentioned before. You can get this sort of thing from selected retailers in store and online. This is one of the best Halloween cocktails!

Halloween Cocktails For A Scary Good Time

What are your favourite Halloween cocktails? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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