How To Nail The Half Up Crown Braid In 5 Easy Steps

This look is super easy and very cute. It’s good for date night or just hanging out with your girlfriends. I love to braid, it is definitely my go-to style, so here’s another one I can add to my arsenal.


1. Part your hair down the middle, and grab a large section of your hair on one side.

2. Begin braiding this section.

You’ll want to have it at a slant, not straight back and not straight down either. Once you’ve finished, secure with an elastic band.

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Cross the first one behind your head so it goes down to the nape of your neck.

You don’t want it straight across because it will seem childish. Having it swoop down allows for a more feminine and mature feel. Pin it in place with bobby pins. Hide the tail; if it’s long enough, you can fold it in half and tuck it under, or just tuck it underneath your hair.

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5. Repeat on the other side.

It’s effortless and cool and it’s sure to impress wherever you go!

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