Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Don’t know what type of hairstyle you should wear? Then let your zodiac decide for you!

Aries: Sleek ponytail 

Aries are known for having a bold personality, including being super strong and incredibly chic. All of this spells, to us, a super slicked back sleek ponytail. The look is also easy to achieve which will help on busy days.

Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Taurus: Short bob

Relaxed, lightly tousled airy waves are fitting for you, especially to let out your easy-going side nearing the end of the summer (to let out a little of the stress coming up).

Gemini: Relaxed waves

Geminis are exciting and spontaneous, and love a good major change in their lives, which is why a short bob would be perfect for you. Plus, the style is super easy to work with!

Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Cancer: Crown braid

Cancers are the most romantic, deeply caring signs, and nothing says that to us like a crown braid. The hairstyle reminds us of the delicate emotions of Juliet, but, in a more modern sense, reminds us of Lara Jean from To All the Boys.

Leo: Major curls

Leos are the attention grabbers of the zodiac, and nothing says that better than beautiful, tight curls with some pretty major volume. The hairstyle will show people how unique you really are, and shout from the roof tops — which is kind of a Leo pass-time, right?

Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Virgo: Slicked back, messy bun

The duality of this hairstyle is perfect for Virgos, because it shows your serious, analytical side but also your messy emotional side that follows along side. Plus, balancing these two duelling sides is something you work on, and showing this through a hairstyle might help!

Libra: Loose side braid

Libras are social and charismatic, but also pretty emotional at times when provoked. Braids are the typical hairstyle for those who are emotional, with the layers symbolizing the layers of emotion within you. The looseness of this braid also shows that you’re laid back, which you need sometimes.

Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Scorpio: Double dutch

Your ambition and drive show strong feminist vibes, which is why we chose this powerful yet stylish look for you. There’s nothing more commanding than your personality, so you should have a hairstyle to fit that.

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Sagittarius: Half up ponytail

As the most energetic of the zodiac signs, we thought that a half ponytail would be perfect for Sagittariuses who want to be on the go all the time, doing different things and learning from new experiences. This easy style also keeps your hair out of your face, which is perfect for that!

Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Capricorn: Long bob (lob)

Capricorns are ambitious and driven, but also love to change it up once in a while, which is why a long bob is perfect for you. With a long bob, you can look super serious for a job interview (so that you can nail it, obviously) but it also lets you style it in other ways too, like curly or wavy, for more natural, laid back days.

Aquarius: High pony (with scrunchie)

Aquariuses are at the front of style, but also love nostaglia and vintage looks (which, we guess, is actually in style right now…) which is why a high, retro ponytail with a scrunchie is perfect. 

Hairstyles to Wear Based on Your Zodiac

Pisces: Half-up space buns

Pisces are the artists of the zodiac: they’re super creative, imaginative, and have their heads, dare we say it, in space. This is why we thought that space buns would be perfect for this sign, and the half-up part of the style also allows a little bit of versality which we know Pisces like.

What do you think of these hairstyles? Do you love any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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