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Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins

Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins

It seems like sew-ins have been the best thing since sliced bread…since sliced bread. We can’t remember a time where the majority of our friends were getting sew-ins for back to school, prom, graduation, etc. It seems like whenever there was an important event, they had to rush to the hair salon to get one. And we get it, sew-ins are convenient, long-lasting, and easy to manage. Not to mention they’re versatile in that you can choose to like whatever you want and when done right, they’re beautiful. 

Because of their popularity, we’ve put some distance between ourselves and sew-ins. It’s part of this thing inside of us that wants to not love something that everyone else can’t live without. In a perfect world, sew-ins would be done correctly every time and they would leave no damage to your hair. Unfortunately, we don’t live in this world. An unprofessional sew-in could cause breakage, heat damage, and the thinning of your hairline. Not the edges, girl!

If you’ve suffered from any of these mishaps, try taking a break from sew-ins. Give your hair a chance to get stronger and thrive in a less damaging situation. Since hair takes such a long time to repair itself, we understand that you can get bored easily. If you’re taking a break from sew-ins, here are some hairstyles that will protect your hair and baby hairs. 


This is the perfect compromise! If you like to get sew-ins but can’t afford the damage, try a wig! They’re perfect for looking like you have a sew-in but the best part is that you can take it off when you want to. With wigs, you’ll be able to treat and manage your hair in-between wears. Also, wigs come in so many different hairstyles, that you can match your sew-in style. Wigs can be worn for a day or a couple weeks so you can take it off just in time for wash day. Switch it up from a sew-in to a wig and we promise it will be your little secret.

Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins

Clip-In Extensions

All the people on a natural hair journey put your hands up! So many people are making the decision to go natural which is amazing! If sew-ins are putting too much stress on your hair, take a page from their book and try clip-in extensions. They blend with your natural hair but give you extra length and volume. If you get a good pair, no one will be able to tell. Clip-ins are also so versatile! There are so many kinds of hairstyles you can do just by placing the clips in different ways. It’s a very customizable option for those of you who like to switch it up often.

Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins

Wash n’ Go

This is a good hairstyle to try if you’re on a tight budget. All you need is shampoo, conditioner, and gel (optional). These are products that most people have in their homes already! A simple wash n go is as simple as it sounds. Just wash your hair and go. In the media and online there are so many examples of straight or wavy long hair. If your hair is short and kinky, it can be hard to remember that the way you are naturally is enough. It’s good enough for every day, it’s good enough for dates, and it’s good enough for special occasions. Wash your hair, go, and realize that doing almost nothing to your hair is indeed a style. And you’re rocking it.

Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins


This hairstyle is another super easy and versatile one! Ponytails are a great hairstyle if you’re running late and need to do something super quick. Gather all of your hair into a hair or feel free to add an extended ponytail for extra length. Just make sure those hair textures match! Find a drawstring ponytail online or at your local beauty supply store. You can wear it high, low, to the side or in a bun. The possibilities are endless and it’ll only take you about five minutes to get it done! There’s no limit to ponytails. Do two for a cute low space bun look or get two drawstring ponytails for a two, high puff hairstyle.

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Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins


If you’re familiar with sew-ins, then you definitely know about cornrows. Cornrows are the base of so many other styles. It’s a beautiful foundation that helps protect your hair and keep it neatly tucked away. Cornrows always seem to be the beginning step to a much more elaborate style but what if we just stopped there? This hairstyle doesn’t always have to cover up. If you’re in between sew-ins, have your cornrows re-done. It’s a no-fuss hairstyle because your hair is kept flat which means it won’t be in your face. For the people who don’t have a lot of time in the morning, this is a great hairstyle for you. When it’s fresh just wake up and go! When it’s not so fresh maintain your baby hairs for an illusion of freshness. Try to keep it fresh by wrapping it every night.

Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins

Crochet Hairstyles

Now this hairstyle, this is it fam. Crochet hair is so creative, we just wanna tank whoever thought of it because it’s just genius. Crochet hair is hair that you crochet into your head. It comes curly, straight, wavy, braids, dreadlocks, any color you can think of and recently, hair companies have started to make it from human hair! Usually, you start with cornrows as the base and use the crochet needle (it’s not as intimidating as it sounds) to loop the hair onto yours but there are other methods that don’t involve cornrowing. You might be thinking that if you’re sticking this hair onto your hair, your hair might peek through but never fear my dear, it’s all in the spacing. It can get a little confusing trying to explain it via writing but there are hundreds of videos on youtube that can help answer your questions. We love this hairstyle simply because of its versatility and inexpensiveness. One pack of crochet hair usually runs from $2-7. It’s a win-win-win style.

Hairstyles To Try When You’re Taking A Break From Sew-ins

And that concludes our list of non-sewin hairstyles! We hope you enjoy this list and know that there are hairstyles for everyone! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Leave a comment below of your favorite hairstyle from this list.

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