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20 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Going Out

20 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Going Out


Are you getting tired of the same hairstyle?  Do you want to switch up your look?  Keep reading for 20 hairstyles that are perfect for going out!

1. Half Up-Half Down

This hairstyle is super cute and perfect for those who like to keep their hair out of their face!

2. High Ponytail

This style is perfect for a night on the town! It’s super cute and playful!


3. Big Beach Waves

The perfect style for when you want to let your hair be free! This style keeps your curls tamed, but will make you feel ready to party!


4. Loose French Braid

This look is perfect for when you want to have a calm night.  It’s a super cute style that looks so chic with no real work!


5. Low Bun with a Twist

What better way to dress up your bun than with a twist?! Try this pretty little look when you feel like adding a soft change to this hairstyle!

6. Low Ponytail

This look can be professional and playful at the same time! No time to change your look from work to play? Try this hairstyle out!

7. High Ballet Bun

The prettiest up-do there ever was! This look is flattering on everyone! Try using a ‘donut’ bun creator to make the perfect ballet bun!


8. Side Braid

Who doesn’t love a cute braid! This look is super simple but absolutely adorable!

9. Sleek and Straight

Feeling extra sexy tonight? Try this hairstyle! It’s a hairstyle that makes a girl feel really powerful and you’ll be owning the night!



10. French Twist

Feel like shaking it up a little? This hairstyle is elegant, but flirty! It will definitely make you stand out!

11. Fishtail Braid

This braid is so unique! It’s a great hairstyle for when you’re feeling cute and peppy!

12. Braided Crown

This is by far the most elegant hairstyle! This look makes a girl feel like she’s on top of the world! It’s a little tricky, but super easy to get the hang of after some practice!


13. Half Up-Half Down Bun

This look is the newest trend!  It’s super flirty and perfect for a night of going out!

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14. Big Barrel Curls

This hairstyle is a great go-to look!  Just use a one-inch barrel curling iron for the perfect curls!


15. Twisted Half Up Half Down

This look is very downplayed, but adorable!  It’s simple and sweet!

16. Two Dutch Braids

Feeling a little daring tonight? Try Dutch braids!

17. Mini Side Twist

Are you trying to find a cute twist to put on your everyday hairstyle? Try out this super simple hairstyle! A little twist goes a long way!


18. Double Ponytail

The PERFECT hairstyle to get the volume you’ve always wanted! This style is taking a classic ponytail to a new extreme!

19. Messy Bun

This look is perfect for wanting to look cute without putting a lot of effort in!  This look is definitely a fan-favorite!


20. Half Up Cornrow

Try adding a cornrow into your half up half down, and you’ve got a totally different look!  This hairstyle is perfect for shaking things up!

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