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6 Hairstyles For Short Hair To Stay Fresh On Sunny Days

6 Hairstyles For Short Hair To Stay Fresh On Sunny Days

Sunny Days are coming and when they do, we all know that we want to rock our favorite outfits, dresses and all our summery stuff. But we tend to have trouble deciding what to do with our hair sometimes. Especially if we have short hair because we tend to think there’s not much to do with it. We couldn’t be more wrong!

Having short hair is not an impediment to creating beautiful hairstyles that would make you look cool and stay fresh during the summer days ahead of us! So, get your hairspray, comb and bobby pins ready because you are about to start wanting to copy all these hairstyles!

1. The braided half up do

To create this braided half updo style you need to divide your hair into two sections. Use half of your hair to create a braid on one side and repeat the process on the other side. Make the two braids meet in the center and continue braiding until the end of your hair. This hairstyle is super useful for a busy day when you want to look pretty without much effort.


2. Double braids

Get a complete Katniss vibe with this hairstyle! Divide your hair in two halves and start braiding it into a French braid on each side until you reach the end of your hair. Set with some hairspray so it won’t mess up during the day. This look is perfect for going out on a run or to school specially on days when your hair doesn’t want to cooperate!

3. Braid and bun

Start by braiding your hair on one side of you head using all your hair to create this hairstyle. When you have made the braid and are reaching the end of it twist it into a bun. Secure with a ponytail or bobby pins as you desire. You can even leave a few strands out to create a messy look! You can rock this look at any formal event just like a wedding.


4. Double bun

To create this hairstyle, you’ll need to divide your hair in to two sections and comb them to make two low ponytails. When you have the two ponytails twist them into low buns to create this hairstyle. You can use this look to go to party all night around a camp fire on summer days! It’s such a simple look to achieve yet you can also add two bows, one on each bun, to give it more personality.

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5. Fancy center braid

This hairstyle is a little bit tricky to make but the result will look so good you’ll want to practice until you perfection it! Part your hair to begin with and twist the left side into the center without creating a bun, more like warping until it looks sleek. Then pin it with bobby pins to secure it from falling apart. Use this look to go to formal events or an important meeting because it will make everyone wonder if you made it yourself or a professional did!

6. Quick Bun

This hairstyle is one we have all rocked at least once in our life’s! When you are on a rush for going out and don’t know what to do with your hair, don’t worry, we have the answer to your prayers: the quick bun. Just comb your hair back as if you wished to make a low ponytail and pull it into a loose bun. If you want to make it fancier add a decorative pin or a bow to your loose bun.


Know any more hairstyles for short hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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