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10 Hairstyles For Naturally Coily Hair

Naturally coily, curly hair has worked its way to the forefront for the admiration it deserves. Straight and wavy hair is also beautiful, but the beauty industry has pushed the idea of their only being one way to have beautiful hair: straight or wavy hair. Luckily things have changed. People are starting to embrace their beautiful coils and curls, which has opened up the market for them. We now have so many more products to cater to their specific needs. This article will also share the different hairstyles that you can try if you have curly hair, but are still having a hard time with styling it. These hairstyles are simple and easy, so they will great candidates for you busy, busy bees out there. 

1. Braided sides into a ponytail

This hairstyle is great for those who love their curls but needs a break from having them in their face. It is a simple braid on both sides of the head and wrapped around the ponytail. This hairstyle is a simple and chic look that would look appropriate anywhere. This look would be very cute in the workplace with a classic business casual skirt suit. 

2. Half up half down with braid

This hairstyle is almost like the one above, but the main difference is that it is half up and half down. Wearing your hair like this would look great while going to work or school. It is the perfect hairstyle to wear when you are in a rush. The braids are bit thicket to really hold the hair down and away from your face. 

3. Two buns on top

A very cute and fun hairstyle for your curls is having two small buns on top of your head. The one pictured below also shows there are small pieces out of the bun, which can help frame your face. This hairstyle would look great worn at a party or any other fun and festive occasion that doesn’t require you to look super put together. 

4. Half up and half down with bangs

Doesn’t this look super cute? This hairstyle is very easy to do. If you do not have bangs, you can always use bobby pins to make faux bangs. You just use the bobby pins to pin down your hair that frames your face to look short and look like you have bangs. This hairstyle would be perfect for a date night. The bangs and soft curls gives the look a very romantic feel. 

5. High bun with front pieces to frame face

This look is perfect for almost all occasions. The hairstyle is very versatile and could be customized with hair jewelry to spruce it up a bit for a more formal event. This hairstyle is just a high bun/ puff with a few front pieces left out in the front to frame your face. Leaving pieces out to frame the front of your face is great for those who feel a bit self-conscious about having their full face so out in the open.

6. Middle part with 90s barrettes

These barrettes were popularized in the 90s and early 2000s originally, and they are quickly making a comeback. This hairstyle will look best with your hair curl pattern. For this hairstyle, you need to use hair gel to slick the front to give a smooth appearance to the front of your hair. This hairstyle would look very cute to wear casually as well as out to a party, maybe even a 90s or 2000s themed party. 

7. Top bun with a scrunchie

This hairstyle is best if you are in a rush, and you just need a quick hairstyle to pull yourself together. Scrunchies are great to use for curly hair because it will not disturb your natural curl pattern. It is an excellent way to hold your hair without causing any dents in your hair. Choosing which scrunchies you want can really pull your look together as well. Using a dark-colored scrunchy with a subtle pattern can give you a more casual look, but if you want to stand out, you can always use a bright or a funky patterned one to add to your bun. 

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8. Pigtails on top

This is another cute and casual hairstyle for you to wear when you are unsure of how to wear your hair, but you need something fast and easy. The two pigtails on the front give this hairstyle a very cutesy look. If you want to give it more of a 90s flair, you can also use color hair ties to make your pigtails. The hair ties may leave a small dent in your curls though, so this look would be best to do when you know your hair is due for a wash soon.  

9. Slick ponytail with a side part

This could be a good essential hairstyle for a curly-haired girl that is always on the go. Using gel and a boar- bristled brush will really help to ensure that your hair lays down flat to give you a cohesive and smooth ponytail. The side part also gives it an out of the box look instead of it being a traditional middle part in the hair. If you love the trend of curling and playing with your baby hairs, then this is the perfect hairstyle for that since the hairstyle is so simple. 

10. Twisted and tucked curls

This is another effortless and speedy hairstyle for those who love to style their curls but are busy all the time. This is very similar to the half up and half down hairdo, but the main difference is the twist and tucked front pieces. If you have a little extra time, you could also add a small braid or two-strand twist in the front tied up pieces to give a bohemian look to the hair-do.

What hairstyle are looking to try out for your coily, curly hair? What are some of your favorite hairstyles for your curly hair?

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