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10 Hairstyles For Long Hair This Spring

10 Hairstyles For Long Hair This Spring

10 Hairstyles For Long Hair This Spring

Long hair has been popular for many years. Long hair is especially popular with young women and there are so many styling options available that it is hard to choose sometimes. This Spring, these long hairstyles will be simple to do, look fabulous, and save you time.

1. DIY Chic Braided Chignon Hairstyle

This hairstyle is great for long hair and leaves the nape of the neck free so you will stay cool this Spring. This is a charming braid that is feminine and gives you the look of elegance. Try this style for your long hair this Spring!


2. Half-up Fishtail Braid

Try a half-up fishtail braid, which gives you a slightly messy look leaving strands of hair on the sides out of the braid for a composed look that is certainly fun and simple to do!

3. A classic high ponytail

A timeless classic long hair must have for Spring. If you need help keeping the ponytail high on your head, use bobby pins. This style will always save you time and looks gorgeous for casual or formal occasions. This is a contemporary ponytail that is very popular this Spring!

4. Try changing your hair color

With long hair, the color combination possibilities are endless and can add dimension to your lovely locks. Try two different colors with a dark color at your roots and a lighter color on your ends. You can also try a dark base color with a couple of lighter shades mixed throughout your long hair for a fresh Spring look!. The combinations are endless!


5. Try to add sweeping bangs and layers

If your long has is all one length try adding some bangs and/or some longer layers to give your hair a full look without all the weight. Layers also give the illusion of extra length. This will look beautiful and keep the maintenance down.

6. Try adding a unique color to the tips of your long locks

If you add a unique color, such as yellow to your tips it will also add some dimension and certainly stand out in a crowd. This trend is up to date and will be big for Spring. The splash of color is festive and attractive!

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7. Add in some loose curls or waves

If you add in some loose curls to your long hair it adds a lot of volume and body to your hair. This is a sophisticated look that everyone will love! Use a flat iron or curling iron to get the perfect loose curl in your long hair for this Spring! 

8. Add a jeweled headband or accessory to your long mane

Adding a pretty headband or clip to your long hair for a fresh, Spring look that is both casual and elegant. Try adding a bright flower or a gem-studded headband for a romantic look!

9. Pull your long locks up in a partial ponytail

Pulling up your long hair half-way in a ponytail leaving small strands free for a playful, fun look this Spring. This look is fashionable and chic. This is a simple, easy-to-do style that will save you time!


10. Try a ponytail at the base of the neck

Try to tease your roots well, then place your long hair back in an elastic band either directly in the back of your head at the base of your neck or try to tie your hair to either side for a stylish, graceful look that can be worn to go out on the town or to class. This is a timeless classic look that always pleases with simplicity.

What is your go-to style for Spring 2019? What style would you love to try? What other styles do you think will be popular for Spring 2019? Please comment below and share with your fellow long hair friends!

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