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10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

Getting that cute summer bob or fresh shoulder length cut can seem like such an amazing idea when you’re comfortable in a hair salon seat, but what happens after that first wash? When you’re standing in front of a mirror with messy hair that can’t be tamed with your old hair hacks, but I’m here to save your life. Here are 10 hairstyle hacks for short hair.

1. Top Knot

There’s nothing easier than just pulling back your hair back. But short hair can come with a lot of baby hairs that just refuse to stay down. When you go for the top knot look make sure you have bobby pins handy to set those loose hairs in place.

Extra Hack: Make sure the bumpy side of the bobby pin is facing upwards it’ll hold your strands better.

10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

2. To All The Scrunchies We’ve Loved Before

If you’re looking for an alternate way to get that fresh look while working with three-day-old hair try pulling only half your hair up into either a bun or a ponytail. Don’t forget to finish it all up with your favourite scrunchie and channel all those Lara Jean vibes.


10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

3. Cute Bandanas

Remember your favourite bandana from the fourth grade you couldn’t part with because you were convinced it would one day come back into style? Well today’s your lucky day! Bandanas are the perfect accessory for short hair. Especially during the summer months when your main priority will probably be keeping those stray strands out of your face.

10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

4. Beach Waves

Curling hair is a time consuming mission with long hair and I hate to say that it doesn’t get any better with short hair. Some may say its actually worse. Having short hair makes your strands more strong and youthful. But if you follow these three tips below and watch this Youtube Tutorial, you’ll have beach waves all summer long.

1. Use a smaller curling iron or wand. 2. Alternate the direction you curl the hair every piece. 3. Curl smaller sections at a time.

5. Flipping Out

If you’re like me, our mornings are spent consistently hitting that snooze button for as much sleep as possible and not standing in a mirror trying to achieve that perfect look. If your lacking time in the morning to curl your hair, try using your flat iron to flip in the ends of your hair. This gives your short hair a more put together look that avoids the ‘I just rolled out of bed’ vibe.

10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

6. Curling In

Just like flipping your short hair out, curling it in gives you that same vibe. It’s also an alternate way that lets you mix things up throughout your school or work week.

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10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

7. Tooth brush

A lot of the hairstyles we discuss in this article have to do with pull back out hair. It’s easy, convenient, and requires minimal hair styling experience. But here is one drawback; baby hairs that just can’t be tamed. Well I have a way for you to finally put down those little Fly-Away’s. Hairspray the bristles of a tooth brush and go over the problem areas of your hairline.

8. Riding Low

This may be the easiest and cutest short hair hack on the list. Part your hair neatly either in the middle or to your preferred side. After that, pull your hair back and tie it just resting above your neck. This look works professionally or casually. Don’t forget to top it off with your favourite accessory!

10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

9. Roots

Volume is an important part of any ‘good hair’ but it’s especially important to have volume with short hair, particularly in the roots. Adding volume to your roots compensates the lack of length to your hair and frames your facial features. Tease your roots and then brush them out gently or add a little extra volume while blowdrying after a shower.

10 Hairstyle Hacks For Short Hair

10. Back To Long

No matter how much we love out short hair, sometimes we’ll miss the long, and that’s okay. Fortunately, we live in an age when it’s easy to travel between the two realms of hair length. To get that long look back after a cut I recommend using ponytail extensions. They work casually and for a night out and tend to look better then the affordable regular clip ons.

What are your go-to short hair looks? Will you be trying any of the hacks on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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