Haircuts Perfect For Curly Haired Girls

Dealing with curly hair isn’t easy. Often times people with curly hair are forced to straighten it, blow dry it, or just let it be frizzy because it’s cut wrong. Curly hair works differently than straight hair in many ways because you can’t manipulate it or even cut it the way you would cut someone else’s hair. Plus curly hair tends to be a lot heavier than straight hair as well. If you’re struggling to find some hairstyles for your curly hair this list is for you. Often times people with curly hair only have it medium length with no daring cuts in sight for fear their hair becoming a frizzy mess. While those are valid concerns you don’t have to live too scared to be daring. Below are a few haircuts that are perfect for people with curly hair. The key to all of these great haircuts is finding someone who knows how to actually cut curly hair, because it has to be cut differently than straight hair. Find a hairdresser that specializes in curly hair and decide which haircut for curly hair you want and start living your hairs best life.

1. Messy Pixie

People oftentimes say individuals with curly hair can’t have pixie cuts. For fear of it turning into a frizzy mess that looks like you put a tiny poodle on your head. Except that isn’t the case. The haircut below is a perfect pixie because it isn’t working against your natural curls. It’s actually a pretty long pixie cut, all things considered. It’s long enough to where you’ll be able to control your curls. Plus the way it’s cut will ensure that when it starts to grow out it won’t look wonky or weird in any way.

2. Bangs

Another look people with curly hair is told to stay away from are bangs. While your bangs won’t be a blunt cut like Zooey Deschanel that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them. Instead of trying to straighten, and eventually fry a section of your hair, lean into the natural texture of your curly hair. Cute curly bangs are definitely in and they will look great with an overall curly cut.


3. Long

Sometimes having long curly hair can be difficult to maintain because it can end up being too heavy on the ends. If you want to have long, curly hair make sure you have someone who knows how to cut curly hair. You’ll want texture on top to maintain volume throughout your entire hair. Or else you’ll run the risk of it looking like a Christmas tree. This haircut isn’t as dramatic as some of the others on here and it isn’t the best for super thick, tight curls but it’s still cute for people with thinner curls that won’t weigh down the rest of the hair too much.

4. Lob

Lobs are definitely in. This look is great because it frames your face and the blunt cut at the bottom really brings out how nice curly hair can fall. While it may look like it’s all one size there are definitely layers in this cut. Even though this photo is of someone with smaller curls it will still work with people with heavier, tighter curls.

5. Shaved

This is another daring pixie cut. Shave just the back of your hair and leave the top of your head long. The shaved back of your neck will be a stark contrast to the rest of your curly hair.


6. Curly Bob

Similar to the lob a curly haired bob plays around even more with texture. This one is cute because it really lets your curly hair do whatever it wants. You can flip it or leave it in a slightly middle part. This haircut would be great for someone who has curly hair but it isn’t incredibly heavy curls.

7. Dramatic Flip

Similar to the bob above this one really shows how curly hair has a mind of its own, and that’s great! Let your curly hair have free range by cutting it in a way your hair can flip to whatever side it wants. This is a haircut that will work for people who have super tight, and heavy curls.

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8. Extra Short Pixie

Now if you’re really looking for a daringly short pixie cut this haircut is for you. It is incredibly short but still allows the natural texture of curly hair shine through. This haircut frames the face with almost baby, baby bangs. It barely goes past her ears. This haircut proves you can have super curly hair but still have a pixie cut.

9. A-Line Cut

This a-line cut is adorable. It is short in the back and long in the front. It shows that you can have a more dramatic cut with curly hair and can play with lines.

10. 80’s All The Way

The 80s might have been a scary time when people would over tease their hair and use way too much hairspray. But there were also people who would have the most amazing curls and the best hair flip. This haircut emulates that. It’s incredibly texture, with really short pieces on top and in heavier in the middle part of the hair, getting thinner at the bottom. This is a cut made by someone who knows curly hair. It’s designed to evenly distribute the weight of the hair but still keeping the length.


11. Baby Bangs

If you’re afraid of bangs this haircut might be a little daring for you. If not this haircut for curly hair is perfect. It has adorable baby bangs and a really short bob. It’s completely textured throughout the entire haircut. Short pieces on the top and all throughout it. The baby bangs are wonderfully chaotic, making it easy to manage. In all honesty, bangs with curly hair are probably easier to manage because you can let them do whatever they want and they’ll look great.

What haircut for curly hair would you try?