Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

As happens with fashion trends, hair trends are also evolving in front of us every now and then, bringing some new colors, haircuts and styles you are going to start seeing more and more around social media, between your favorite celebrities and even your friends. Trends tend to go back to older times so sometimes when you start rocking a new style don’t be surprised if your mom or grandma tells you that they used to wear their hair like that when they were younger.Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

Review some of the biggest hair trends of 2019, you might find yourself using some of them without really knowing you were part of a huge deal! Remember that it doesn’t really matter if there is a big trend and everyone is using it, you should always embrace your natural hair and don’t try to damage it just for following a trend and if be gentle to your hair always by hydrating it and applying conditioning products!

1. Blunt Bobs As Your New Haircut Option

A blunt bob is a shorter hairstyle that’s cut into a straight line at the ends. This hairstyle tends to leave your hair halfway between your hairs and the nape of the neck, but the length can be adjusted so it suits any face. Having this haircut definitely adds you some edginess and elegance that will transform yourself automatically into a more sophisticated person. The blunt bob haircut emphasizes your jaw area and brings a strong and flattering look to its wearer.

Celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Anne Hathaway and Margot Robbie have been seen using this hairstyle in different approaches each one more gorgeous than the other. If you have long hair or just want a dramatic change a blunt bob is the way to go!

Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

2. Super Straight Hair

Super straight hair has become one of our favorite hair trends for the season! It’s not only a really easy hairstyle to copy, but it looks good whatever you are going to a work reunion, a party or just hanging out with your friends in the park. We have seen this particular hairstyle of celebrities such as Zendaya or Selena Gomez from which you could copy the style.

Even though this is a trend that has been going viral, if you tried it we really recommend you using it only on special occasions and deeply moisturizing your hair after so it doesn’t lose its shyness and it stays hydrated all the time.

Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

3. Accessorizing Your Hairstyles

We saw how everyone started using hair clips more and more, from high brand runways like Channel to lots of celebrities and bloggers such as Emma, from Emma’s Edition. We are sure no one could escape the hair accessorizing trend! But now it’s not only about hair clips or barrettes, we have seen hair slides, ribbons, stacked bobby pins, pearl accessories, bedazzled air pins and all sorts of accessories to add to your favorite hairstyles.

In this hair trend, there is definitely one for each taste and an accessory that will match them all! And the best part of it is that you can combine hair accessories as much as you want, plus they don’t have to be super expensive to look good on you.

Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

4. Add Big Volume To Your Hair

This hair trend was super popular during runway season! Brands like Versace brought to us super exaggerated looks that took us back to the 60’s and reminds us of the iconic sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. And while we might not go out of our homes using such as voluminous and dramatic hairstyle, big volumes are becoming a thing this year we can’t overlook, no pun intended.

You can rock a much discrete version of this hairstyling that has still lots of volume around it, especially if you have big afro curls, embrace them more than ever with this hair trend! Celebrities like J-Lo have decided to wear this trend and use it in voluminous half-ponytails updos, some others have chosen huge curls or wavy hair to achieve a more every-day hair kind of look.

Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

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5. Lilac And Grey Tones For A Whimsical Hair

Forget the thought that only grandmas get grey hair, because that is so out of style. This season has stroked us with two main color tones lilac and grey. Some older women have become more embracing of their natural grey hair which has led to an empowerment of themselves, while other younger women have found beauty on transforming their natural hair into gorgeously looking silver locks.

Lilac tones as a new hair pastel color has been crawling slowly around us until setting itself as out main choice. Forget the thought that pastel tones will make you look like a child or on the contrary that grey hair will make you look older! As long as you look confident you can rock any hair trend the market shoots at you.

Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

6. Buns And Modern Top-Knots Everywhere

Say hello again to your best friend the messy bun, just that this time it has evolved into a more playful and modern look with the top knots. This is such a simple hairstyle to achieve, if in done correctly it can look super chic and is if you had spent tons of hours in front of the mirror trying to fix your hair. The best thing is that you can rock this hair trend when you have a last-minute date and don’t have time to wash and fix your hair.

Double buns have also become a thing we are going to see more now than ever! They are super easy to make, and we have seen it on different celebrities like Ariana Grande or the Victoria Secret model Josephine Skriver. The mixture of double bun and messy buns will result in a hairstyle you can have done in minutes, without much effort and have yourself looking more flawless than ever.

Hair Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

Where you rocking any of this hairstyle trends already? Let us know which one where your favorites in the comments below!

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