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10 Hair Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Although 2020 has been a year of staying inside and reflecting, the fashion and beauty worlds have continued to bring us glimpses of future trends and styles to flaunt that will soon dominate everyone’s wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, and Pinterest boards. More specifically, the last few months of 2020 have given us hope as expectant and cutting edge hairstyles have been shared and rocked around the internet; looks mimicking iconic retro aesthetics, as well as minimalistic ‘dos anyone can pull off. Let’s just say 2021 will feel like a new era and this list of hair trends will help you settle in with ease. Check it out! 

1. Pastel

Pastel hair colors are bold, yet soothing shades that will do just the trick if you’re seeking some hair therapy in 2021. Trust me when I say we need some sanity after what 2020 has brought us and this hair trend is undoubtedly a start. Things like femininity and self-assuredness will be more celebrated in the next few years, which is why pastel will make a huge mark in the fashion and beauty industries. For all my Libra risings, soft girls, and leaders out there, this is your New Year’s resolution and self-care starter kit in one. 


2. All The Lace Front Wigs

Wigs, in general, have been having a moment in the last several years, but it is the innovation, artistry, and styles of lace front wigs in the last decade that will provide 2021 with a significant lead like no other. The incredible invisible hairline, natural edges, versatility, convenience, and accessibility of lace front wigs have been commendable and a gamechanger for those with coily and curly locs. Wearing lace fronts as a protective style is an easy and smart way to maintain natural hair and fashion the latest hair trends without damaging strands.  

3. The Shag

The 70s shaggy hairstyle is back and will be in full effect in 2021. This is the ultimate style for people who want their presence to be known and stand out amongst the crowd; this being especially true considering the hair trend was the look for all the well-known rock ‘n’ rollers and cool guys back in the day. The layered look with loose bangs will not only make you a total knockout, but it’ll successfully help feed into the cool-girl aesthetic you might be going for. 


4. Claw Clips

While this has been a hair trend in the last couple of years, it’ll definitely trickle down into 2021. Claw clips were all the rage in the 90s because of their easy use and unique and beautiful designs. Not to mention they aren’t as harsh on hair follicles as hairbands are and are more affordable than most hair accessories on the market. Wearing one will have you pinching your pennies without looking cheap. Come 2021, claw clips will be worth your while. 

5. Auburn Hair

Auburn hair is the bold hair trend of 2021, not just a color experiment for the fall season. It’ll give you something to consistently maintain in the new year and provide a burst of confidence in every room you enter. The statement color has been rocked by models, actresses, and influencers recently, making us want to create the look ourselves. Also, Beth Harmon from the Netflix Original Series The Queen’s Gambit is a major inspiration for this look. 


6. Glossy & Shiny Hair

If you want something slight, but also want a striking appearance, look no further than the glossy and shiny hair trend. Making sure our face is dewy and glossy is a must right now, so why not have our hair go out the same? Achieving this hairstyle simply means getting a hair gloss at your local salon or simply buying some online or in person. This basically adds a natural tint to your hair and creates some shine that will have you beaming. 

7. Curtain Bangs & Farrah Fawcett Inspired Hair

Curtain bangs is the hottest hair trend that is picking up speed at the moment and it’s not so difficult to understand why. The look frames your face with a part down the middle and long, wispy hair curled to the sides. This was one of the biggest styles and moments of the 70s, with its comeback accompanying “Farrah Fawcett” hair–layered, feathered hair rocked by the late Charlie Angel’s star nearly 50 years ago. This is super easy to maintain and flattering on everyone. 

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8. Textured Bobs

For those that want a more subtle shape, less maintenance, but more movement, a textured bob is what you have been looking for. Textured hair and bobs were ubiquitous in the 2000s and 2021 will have its fill with the number of people rocking this hair trend. Unlike a layered hairstyle, textured hair is uniform and removes weight from the hair. There are so many different textured bobs for your liking and face shape that it’s impossible to find the right one for you. 

9. Creative Bantu Knots

A good head of Bantu knots is an amazing way to wake up to magnificent curls and keep your ends from environmental breakage. Moreover, it is such a look for every natural girl out there for it not to grow in popularity in 2021. It gives us all the 90s feels, all while being super easy to create. Taking it to the next level by experimenting with color, style, and overall approach is what’s gonna set the hair trend off in the next couple of years. 

10. Pixie Cuts

A hairstyle that’ll forever be underrated is the pixie cut; not being underrated in terms of cut, but underrated in stress relief and the possibilities of making it even greater. Multicolored pixies, curly pixies, glossy pixies, etc. The pixie in 2021 means low-maintenance, but make it bolder and better. This will be an interesting hair trend to keep an eye on. 

These are just some colors, styles, and cuts that will be commonplace in 2021. What hair trend on this list would you rock? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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