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10 Hair Styles You Gotta Try If Your Hair Isn’t Mermaid Length

10 Hair Styles You Gotta Try If Your Hair Isn’t Mermaid Length

After a disastrous haircut, I was totally focused on growing my hair out. Now that it has finally reached a pretty swag length, I think I am able to start putting my hair into hairstyles that are not a ponytail or just down. Let me just say, I am no beauty guru. I have no idea to do my hair whatsoever, I am a novice at this stuff. So you best believe the hairstyles below are going to be so easy you will be able to replicate them and feel baller out in the world. Time to give that medium length hair some love, it deserves it. 

1. A Little Bit of Sumthin 

Ight, so I REALLY like this one because it is so simple, yet classy. Sarah Hyland is wearing this hairstyle to a premiere of some sort for god’s sake. We can be classy and simple! It is possible! All it is a small section of the hair is braided (or twisted if you are lazy like me) to the back of the head, pin it back with a couple bobby pins and you are gucci to go. 

10 hair stylres to rock if your hair isn't mermaid length


2. Meet in The Middle 

As someone who is still learning how to braid my hair, this hairstyle may look a little daunting. But if we think about it, parting the hair into three sections and weaving it together may sound hard, but practice makes better. I think this hairstyle is easier than just doing to separate braids because at the end you can just secure the two pieces together for less annoyance and a very fire, unique look. You can wear this when you are about to get a workout in or if you are just chilling with your homies, you’ll be looking fly no matter what 

10 hairstyles to rock when your hair is not mermaid length

3. Twist it Up 

Again, another person wearing their hair to a fancy event AND THIS LOOKS SO EASY MY LAWD. Braid or twist, you can turn your hair into a simple, mini updo that make you feel like a champ because you look like one and you can do this to your hair! I think the best way to do this is not only to bobby pin it but to secure your hair with little mini elastics. Those are a godsend when it comes to pulling off hairstyles for shorter hair. 


10 hairstyles to rock when your hair isn't mermaid length

4. Bun and Done 

When my hair was finally long enough, I almost pooped my pants because I could finally wrap my hair into a bun. This hairstyle is so simple and yet looks so fabulous. AND IT LOOKS SO CLASSY. not gonna lie when I wear a bun like this I feel like I am about to meet my subjects. Just kidding but it does give me some confidence. I get hella compliments on my hair from people my age to the little ones I work with. To add a little something-something, I twist two small sections of hair in the front to give me a Greecian goddess vibe, it is a good time. 

10 hairstyles to rock when your hair isn't mermaid


5. Pretty Little Thang 

What I like about this hairstyle it literally gives you a step-by-step process of how to make this hairstyle come to life. Some hairstyles on Pinterest literally blow my nips clean off because they just show the end hairstyle leaving to just only guess how in the sam heck they got their hair to look like that. While that fascinating, that does not sweeten my tea or my head look awesome. So shoutout to this hairstyle for being super cute and super informative. 

10 hair styles to rock if your hair isn't mermaid length

6. Double Trouble 

Buns for days! This is a super easy double bun look to duplicate because they are low! No hate on the high ones but those can be super hard to make, especially if you have shorter or finer hair. No thank you. But low hanging buns still look super adorable and take only about five minutes to do. They are no-fuss and can go with any look.  Five minutes to fabulousness?! Sign me up!

10 hair styles to rock when your hair isn't mermaid length

7. Simple Top Knot 

Once my hair started to grow out,  I started rocking this style very frequently. I mean who can blame me? Most of my hair is out of my face and I am still able to show off my pretty curly hair. Total win-win. You can put the bun super up top on your head or put it more towards the back of your head. Regardless, still looks very good. This hairstyle is here to stay and has been helping out shorter hair hella. 

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10 hair styles to rock when your hair isn't mermaid length

8. Business in The Front 

We cannot forget the classic half-up ponytail! Again, a great way to keep your hair out of your face, help you get down to business and still you are able to let your gorgeous hair down. This look goes with all hair types! 

10 hair styles to rock if your hair isn't mermaid length

9. Slip Slidin Away 

I got super amped when I found this hairstyle! It is so cute, elegant and looks pretty damn easy to pull off.  If it only takes a couple pieces of hair, count me in. I have learned that taking only a small amount of hair can go a long way when turning to style your hair. Gotta keep it simple with that skill level. Anything where I do not have do a braid, sign me up. It is a pretty simple twist but could ya a long way when it comes to a day or night out! Secure with somebody pins and you will be out like a sprout!

10 hair styles to rock if your hair isn't mermaid length

10. Casual Queen 

Okay, I am going to be real with y’all, I don’t know how to fishtail braid for shit. BUT this is a super adorable hairstyle that we can all work towards so we can complete your (realistic) #hairgoals. I am going to make a solid attempt to learn how to fishtail braid using this vid, so if you want to join the fight with me go for it! We gotta stick together. This hairstyle could also look super bomb if you use a regular braid! It depends on your skill and motivation level. 

10 hair styles to rock if your hair isn't mermaid length

Short and medium hair ladies: what are your go-to hairstyles!? I hope you can add these to your rotation! 

featured image credit: unsplash