10 Hair Products Your Hair Will Thank You For

 Hair care is just as important as skincare but most people tend to focus on skin care way more. There are a plethora of hair products on the market right now, some work and many do not do what they are advertised to. There are many hair products to cater to different hair issues like dryness, hair fall, oily hair, thinning of hair and many others. Here is a list of 10 hair products your hair will thank you for!

1. Restore Treatment Mask by Living Proof

This mask is top of the list because it does exactly what it says. This is the ultimate hair product that will repair your hair and make it look healthier after only 5 uses! It really is a an essential hair product your hair will thank you for. Oh, and it’s approved by Jennifer Aniston.

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2. Gisou honey-infused hair oil

Gisou was founded by influencer and icon, Negin Mirsalehi. She uses her family’s bee garden to produce honey as the main ingredient in most of her hair products! Use this hair oil prior to styling to achieve a healthy and glowing shine! This product is on the more expensive side, so save it and treat yourself!

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3. Living Proof No Frizz Instant De-Frizzer

If you are someone with frizzy hair and just wish there could be days with less to no frizz, try this hair product! It works on all hairs – straight, curly, wavy and frizzy and also have UV protection, which we all need.

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4. Gisou hair perfume

I had to add this hair perfume into this list because this is such a unique hair product! Again, it is priced on the more expensive range BUT do you gotta try it once in your life… right? This hair perfume smells absolutely divine and I assure you there is no product like this! Time to try your first hair perfume!

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5. Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Collection

This shampoo-conditioner collection is a must have hair product! It is affordable which is an ultimate plus point! However most importantly, it has instant effects and is very efficient! Try these two products and make them your daily shampoo and conditioner products and I’m sure you will see a difference!

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6. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Don’t you hate days when you’re rushing but you have to spend extra time washing, drying then styling your hair? Well, fret not! This hair product is definitely one your hair will thank you for. Simply spray your hair with this dry shampoo, and that’s it, your hair is “clean”. Definitely a must have for days where time is less.

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7. Ouai Hair oil

This hair product is easily most raved about product on Instagram and all over social media! This hair oil is hair oil made to fix split ends and enrich hair giving it a silky, soft finish. Definitely does what it says! Best hair product!

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8. Bondi Boost Hair Growth Bundle

This bundle is the ultimate set for your hair! It has every hair product essential in nourishing hair texture! It is worth trying at least once to see if it works for you as well as it worked for everyone else!

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9. Ouai wave spray

Having the perfect waves is essential and this hair product is exactly what you need! Get beautiful, soft, beachy waves with this wave spray! May I add that the scent of this product is just amazing?

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10. Dyson Airwrap

If you are willing to spend almost half a thousand bucks on a hair product that can make getting ready everyday easier then do give this hair product a chance. It dries and styles hair, giving it a luxuriously soft finish.

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Different hair products are meant for different uses, so be sure to have all the right products for your hair to be best it can be! All the products mentioned in the list above have been proven to help with hair quality and appearance.

Which hair product(s) do you think are worth trying? Let me know in the comments!

Claudia Rolph

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