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Hair Products You Need To Stop Using Right Now

Hair Products You Need To Stop Using Right Now

Most people don’t know what some of the hair brands they use do to their hair. When they thinking they are using a good  detangler, it is actually drying out their hair and causing more breakage. I am here to tell you about some of the worst brands out there that you need to stop using right now. Then, I will tell you about some of the best brands out there that you should get immediately. Some of the good brands are a bit pricey but they are totally worth it. You deserve to be pampered anyways.

W0rst Brands

1. Pantene

Pantene has always had impressive advertising. They show the audience how their hair can transform by using their products but it is all fake. The models are made to look amazing. They have extensions in to give a more voluminous, healthy look. Instead of just believing what they show in the ad, we all have to start actually looking at the ingredients. They use a lot of sulfate and silicon, waxing up the hair (this makes it look shiny and soft but really it is not moisturizing it.

Need help figuring out which hair products are good and bad? Here, I have the best and worst brands for you to use on your hair.


2. Head & Shoulders

Most people know this brand because they claim that they can get rid of your dandruff. It does just the opposite. Many users claimed that it caused so much more dandruff that they needed another shampoo to get rid of it. After a few washes, you will notice that your hair will become dull and brittle.

3. TRESemme

Did you know that TRESemme was recently in a lawsuit because someone was claiming that they were losing their hair from one of their products. Many were drawn to TRESemme because it would make your hair silky. This brand does the same as Pantene. They use silicone and plastics to wax up your hair giving the illusion that it is softer. 

4. Dove

Dove is a big offender of using silicons, parabens, sulfates, and other horrible chemicals. After using this brand, you may find that you will have buildup, dry, and frizzy hair. Because it gets dry, it may be harder to brush through your hair, leading to more breakage.


5. Garnier Fructis

Garnier Fructis has SLS sulfates which make the hair brittle and dry, leading to breakage. Also, it causes dandruff.

Need help figuring out which hair products are good and bad? Here, I have the best and worst brands for you to use on your hair.

6. Suave

Even though Suave makes your hair smooth, there are sulfate and DMDM Hydantoin which will strip you of your natural oils. This will definitely make your hair dry and brittle.


Best Brands

1. Oribe

Oribe is known for being one of the best options to strengthen and protect your hair, while also repairing and smoothing out the damage. Unlock some of the brands above, their products will not strip your natural oil off your hair. And they don’t have the harmful chemicals that you would see in the 6 worst brands. They are sulfate and paraben free. If you are worried that they won’t have the perfect product for you, they have a wide selection so everyone can find a perfect match. The only problem is that you would be paying a pretty penny for a good brand. But they do last longer than other brands, since you wouldn’t need to use as much.

2. Olaplex

Experts say that you can use Olaplex as much as you want and it will never damage your hair. Olaplex is the saving grace for people who dye their hair overnight. For example, Kylie Jenner credits Olaplex for her being able to dye her black hair to platinum blonde instantly. The director of education at Olaplex states that Olaplex is best when you use it a lot (even on extensions). The most impressive ingredient is Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which constantly works to restore your hair. Olaplex is known for their capabilities with damaged hair. Many believe that they use magic.

Need help figuring out which hair products are good and bad? Here, I have the best and worst brands for you to use on your hair.

See Also

3. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura is not only a good brand for your hair but they work to help the environment as well. Their Ultimate Reset collection has won awards for using agricultural techniques free from pesticides and chemicals. They used duck ecosystem where they created it in Japan. Duck ecosystem is where a rich rice ingredient is used in the products. After just one wash of Shu Uemura, your hair will be feeling rejuvenated and hydrated. 

4. Kerastase

Going to the salon is a lot of money and some people have to go every 6 weeks. Kerastase doesn’t want you to constantly have to trim off your dead ends. Every time you use it, it’ll look like you just came back from the salon. They are another expensive brand that is well worth the price. Instead of juse nourishing the outside layer of your follicles, they use vitamins and minerals to hydrate your hair from the inside out. Kerastase has different shampoos, conditioners, masks, and primers to suit everyone’s needs. 


5. The Crown Affair

Crown Affair promises their customers that their new products will lift dirt, grease, and other pollutants off everyone’s hair. Then, they will repair your damaged hair and make it shiny. Crown Affair seems to care more for the customer’s well being. They are a minimalist brand and want each customer to not overload there hair with a ton of products. The creator of Crown Affair felt that many hair products were not as clean as he would like even though they were luxury products. Also, he just always felt like he didn’t like something about each product.

6. Brite

Looking for a good vegan, cruelty free and ethical brand? Brite is perfect for you. They do not test on animals and work within family owned factories. Also, they work to minimize their impact on the environment. Brite offers vegan hair dye to touch up your hair easily without any harsh chemicals. You will get a bright natural color. There toners are good at giving your hair a good refresh. 

Need help figuring out which hair products are good and bad? Here, I have the best and worst brands for you to use on your hair.


Have you been using any of these hair products? Which hair products damaged your hair? And which helped your hair? Comment down below.