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Hair Products That Should Be In Your Home

Hair Products That Should Be In Your Home

Hair care is one of the most important things you can invest in. Hair is so special and holds some much identity in it. So, taking care of it is something everyone must do. Hair care also goes far beyond shampoo and conditioner. Once you take a step in to the hair care world, the amount of hair products that you will begin to fall in love with will be endless. While some hair products can be more on the expensive side, the outcome of long term use will be well worth every penny. Hair products go far beyond a trend, they take care of your crown. Taking care of your hair is honestly a science. It make some trial and errors with some routines to figure out what hair products work best with your hair. Sometimes it’s often overlooked that you also need to take care of your scalp, so finding products that take care of your scalp are an essential product that should be in your bathroom as well.

1. R + Co CBD Conditioner

This is truly one of the best products. Not to mention every single one of R + Co’s hair products smell absolutely heavenly. The nice part about this hair product is that if you have thicker hair, you will not need a detangler. This product helps your brush glide through your wet strands after you exit the shower. It’s also an amazing hair product that will benefit you if you have a sensitive scalp. It helps relax your scalp as you shower and leaves you feeling overall great about what product you just put in your hair.


2. Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner

These products will last you so much longer than you would ever think. What’s nice about this product is that it’s aimed at replenishing the broken bonds in your hair and you see the results the longer you use their hair products. It’s also great because it’s extremely beneficial for dyed hair. The more you use Olaplex’s hair products you will begin to see results in restoring elasticity and increasing your hair strength. Another added benefit which makes this product so great is it protects your hair follicles from further damage. Long term use of this product will have your hair feeling like you left the salon every time you use them.

3. R + Co High Dive

Another one of R + Co’s amazing hair products. This is something you run lightly through your hair when you first get out of the shower. Speaking from experience, if you go too heavy with it, your hair will look greasy when it dries, defeating the entire task of washing your hair in the first place. This is a great hair product for those who want to lock in that extra moisture in their hair. This product seals in that moisture which helps smooth it and helps with frizz control as well. If you’re someone like me who can manage only washing their hair a few times a week, then this will help immensely with leaving your hair look fresh and silky. It’s one those hair products that you feel good about using. Once you get in the habit of using this regularly it will be hard for you to stop.


4. A Good Hairspray

Now, I’m leaving this very general because hairspray is different for everyone. A bottle of $5 drug store hair spray could work absolutely wonders for one person while a $30 bottle doesn’t and vice versa. When you find a hairspray that works for you hair brand doesn’t matter. It’s a touch up hair product, not one that is intended to do much more then lock your hair in places. So the price or label on the brand of the hairspray in your bathroom should not matter. As long as it does its job for you, then don’t fix what isn’t broken baby.

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5. Olaplex Bonding Oil

Olaplex’s tiny but mighty hair products. This is another one of those hair products that once you start to use it, it will be hard to ever stop. And while the price of this small product can be intimidating, the amount you use for you hair is so small that this will last you far longer than you could ever imagine. Olaplex puts in the work for their har products. They want to make sure that you’re seeing and feeling those results every time you use them. This highly concentrated oil helps dramatically increase the shine of your hair, the softness, and even color vibrancy. It also helps with flyaways and frizz while not weighing your hair down. Another great added benefit that all hair products should have is, UV/heat protection. You will not feel guilty splurging on this hair product when you start to see the results it has for your hair.

6. Oribe Serene Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

Remember when I mentioned scalp care at the beginning? Here’s your trusted scalp product from yours truly. Scalp care is at times an afterthought, but when you think about the hair products you do put on your hair, just like anything else some build up will be created. Product build up is inevitable which is why sometimes you gotta spend some times on some scalp TLC. The Oribe Serene Exfoliating Scrub targets product, oil, and dirt build up. With exfoliating beads, this gentle scrubs to help polish your scalp. While the beads are doing the dirty work, Oribe incorporated alpha hydroxy acids and druit extracts to cleans your pores and nourish your hair. When you think of an exfoliation, you need that little extra boost of moisture to soak in to your freshly exfoliated skin, Oribe does a good job of doing just that. What’s nice about this product is that it’s something you can do weekly, so if you have a day where you can truly set aside and dedicate to your hair care, make sure that this is apart of your routine.


What hair products can you not love without in your bathroom? Share your secrets below!