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Hair Jewelry: Shop or DIY

Hair Jewelry: Shop or DIY

This season hair has experienced an unprecedented revival of different styles and accessories. For years, college fashion has generally dictated that hair be worn loose, long, and straight (whether natural or blown-out and straightened). You’d stray from this standard look when you were studying in the library where you’d throw it in a messy bun, or tie it in a ponytail when the treadmill called for it. However, the mold is now being broken and girls are experimenting more with braids, up-dos, and wavy/curly styles.

Hair jewelry is a cute way to add something extra to a bun, up-do, or even flowing tresses. Curly or wavy hair has the optimal texture to hold in the jewelry. If your hair is silky and stick-straight, then you may want to tease a few strands when wearing certain hair jewelry styles so that it will be more secure, or use some texturizer/hair product. All of these pieces featured are from ASOS.

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As you may have noticed, the infamous “sock-bun” has been taking over runways, street fashion, and college campuses with its easy yet polished style. You can purchase a “bun-maker”(also called a foam bun doughnut) at your local Walgreen’s or stores like H&M. If you’re feeling resourceful, find a sock that has been sitting at the bottom of your drawer (ideally close to the color of your hair) anyway and cut off the toe. Then roll the toe section until the entire sock forms a thick round shape (here is a photo if you need help visualizing). Tie your hair into a ponytail, then slide on the bun-maker over the ends of your ponytail and roll it up, splaying your hair around it as you go. When your bun is made, secure it with bobby pins.



Hair brooches and simple embellished clips are the easiest to style with, as they can complement any outfit and can look elegant at work or an internship. The edgier styles that feature hanging chains and more elaborate designs should accent an otherwise simple outfit (such as a LBD or chic one-color top), and additional accessories should be minimal like stud earrings. Headpieces add a boho vibe to your look and can be worn more ways than you would think: with a flowy maxi, casual crop top and high-waisted shorts, or with a full on festival look like a sundress and crochet vest. Nicole Ritchie is great for style inspiration when it comes to frequently pairing headpieces, hair jewelry, and headscarves in a variety of situations from the red carpet to going out shopping in the afternoon.

There are many ways to make your own hair jewelry! You can raid a thrift store, your jewelry collection for random pieces that you don’t wear, or buy some pieces that you like and make them into hair accessories. Glue a brooch to a hair clip (but only lightweight designs will work on bobby pins) and clip it beside a bun or ponytail, or use it to sweep some of your hair to the side when you wear it down. You can take a cheap headband and spray paint it and/or glue or sew on studs, faux pearls, and any other pretty objects that grabs your attention. You can add on crystal or bead embellishments to hair claws, and even attach charms to hair elastics (by sewing or tying them on).

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The great thing about hair jewelry is that it is trending right now, but not so mainstream that everyone and their cousin wears them so you’re sure to stand out in these distinctive ASOS styles or rock your one-of-a-kind piece that you had fun creating!

All of the featured styles are from ASOS, and the DIY image is from PS I made this.