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10 Hair Colors To Try This Season

Every few months or so recently I have gotten tired of my current hair color and wanted to change it. I’ve gone through four hair colors in the span of a year, which feels like a lot. Anyways, if you are restless like me and want to switch things up, here is some inspiration. 

1. Black with Burgundy Highlights

This is the hair color I currently am sporting and I am honestly obsessed. I asked for a base color of black with some wine or red highlights, accompanied by a picture I found on Pinterest. The coolest part about this coloring to me is that, when the light hits my hair, the red and purple tones come out. It’s subtle, but also has dimension, which I am in love with. 

2. Ash Blonde

Billie Eilish just did it, so I’m sure this is going to become very popular in the upcoming months. Ashy blonde hair color is on the whiter-toned side, as opposed to a more yellow tone. You’ll especially love it when you get your tan on in the summer, because don’t we all just look better with a little sun? Everybody wants to go blonder when the weather gets warm, so go with a sandier blonde this summer. 

3. Copper

A strawberry blonde, copper ginger hair color is swiftly coming in style. It’s good for the people who don’t want to dye it a crazy color but are tired of the usual blonde and brunette options. The trend is versatile for all skin tones and has been shown on models such as Gigi and Bella Hadid and Carmen Solomons. It’s safe to say that you’ll get tons of compliments on this unique shade; but if you aren’t ready to go all-in, ask for a copper glaze over your current color. 

4. Pastels

I’ve seen a lot of lilacs and light pink hair coloring lately, and it’s honestly stunning. If you’re into taking more of a risk with your hair color and going bright, try a soft pastel shade for the summer. There’s no better time to experiment with colors than post-quarantine, 2021 summer. If you’re blonde, you’ll have an easier time achieving this hair color, and you can even buy temporary dye that will come out within a few weeks if you want to experiment. If you have darker hair, you will probably have to visit the salon a few times to achieve this look successfully. Either way, you’re sure to turn head with a pastel. 

5. Subtle Money Pieces

If you don’t know what a money piece is, like I didn’t for a good majority of my life, it’s the pieces of your hair that frame your face. One of the newer trends is dying your money pieces natural colors, such as caramel, blonde or brown. It adds a pop of color to the front of your face without the hassle of full or even partial highlights. It’s good to switch your hair color up without doing too much to it. Having blonde in the front will draw attention to your face and will have your hair looking fresh. 

6. Blue

Hilary Duff showed us that blue is very much in as a hair color right now. A calming, pretty shade such as placid blue is predicted to be popular this spring and summer. It gives you a mermaid vibe, and once again is easier to achieve if you are already blonde. So, if you’re more adventurous with your hair color choices, or are ready to take on a new color, this beautiful tone is for you. 

7. Funky Money Pieces

Bella Hadid recently showed us that you can also get a pop of color in your hair without committing to the whole thing. Dying the front two strands of your hair with a cool color such as red or blue gives you the thrill of changing your hair without much fuss. Coloring the front bang area is something you can also do on your own if you separate the pieces individually that you want to dye, and are confident in the color you’re choosing. Take the leap and dye the front pieces a gorgeous, fun color that you’ve always wanted but didn’t want to go all-in for! Now’s the perfect time to switch up your hair. 

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8. Two-Toned Brown

Shades of brown are very in style, as we saw with the rise of people dying their hair brown this year. A way to spice up brown hair is to ask for a dark chocolate brown base, or even black, with other tones of brown highlighted throughout. This gives more depth to your look and is low maintenance. Glosses are becoming more popular as well, which adds more dimension as well. Having two tones in your hair is always a classic look, and adding ashy/neutral tones or warmer tones depending on your preference will do just the trick. 

9. Regal Rouge

If you watched The Queen’s Gambit, you will probably recognize this color as Beth Harmon’s hair color. Reds are becoming more popular this year, so you may want to start with this true shade of red. This shade is deeper than a copper-red but lighter than an auburn. You’ll achieve a really unique shade in just one appointment, which saves you tons of time in the salon chair. A red like this one is different than your classic red hair, giving off an almost orange hue. 

10. Sand Tropez

Kylie Jenner debuted this color more recently, and I absolutely am obsessed. It’s a mix of sandy blonde, with dark brown throughout. By incorporating midlights, highlights, and some lowlights, you get the perfect mix of blondes and browns without it looking streaky. It’s a super chic twist on a traditional style and will look good on anyone, guaranteed. It gives off a more dirty blonde look that you can pull off year-round. 

Changing your hair color can be so fun, and a huge confidence boost. Let me know your favorite hair color below!

Featured Image: on Pinterest
Jai Phillips

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