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6 Hair Colors To Rock This Fall

6 Hair Colors To Rock This Fall

As the seasons change, you might be tempted to change your hair as well! We’ve got your back! Fall is the perfect time to change up your look. Leaves are falling, the weather is chillier, and school is just beginning. 

Check out these six hair colors that anyone can rock this fall! 

1. Black

Black hair can work for anyone and fall is the perfect time to give it a chance! Black goes great with any skin tone! 


Long black locks give us witch-vibes that are perfect for fall. Going black is probably the least risky color to dye on your own instead of going to a salon. This is because black is great at covering just about any hair color and you don’t have to worry about bleach. 

Just imagine your gorgeous black hair whipping around your face in the fall breeze! The cool tones of black hair are perfect for fall. Plus, imagine all the match-y Instagram pics you’ll snap with the local black cats!


2. Blond Highlights

If you aren’t a lover of dark hair, try going in the opposite direction with some blond highlights! Any hair color can rock a few highlights. They don’t even have to be blond! There are tons of different toners out there that can color your highlights the perfect tone for your hair. 

Highlights are actually a lot more manageable than a whole head dye job because when they grow out, they just look like you have ombre hair which is just as cute as the original highlights!

Highlights are a great tool for framing and flattering your face. They also add a bit of brightness to the gray days that fall brings. 


3. Warm Brown

Warm brown hair is perfect for fall. It’ll remind people of coffee and hot cocoa and it’ll go with all of your warm-toned fall outfits! 

Brown hair looks good on all skin tones as well. It also isn’t very risky since it’s a dark dye that doesn’t have to deal with bleach unless you have black hair. 


Brown hair allows you to go dark without completely committing to black. It’s the perfect compromise between jet black and bleach blond. Go brown for fall and see how you like it!

4. Dark Blue

Dark blue is absolutely dreamy. In a certain light, your hair may even appear to be black. But, in others, the blue will stand out! It’s like a mood ring for your hair. 


This dark blue color is nice because it’s toned down enough to wear in a work or school setting while still having fun! The dark blue color is reminiscent of those dark and stormy nights of fall! 

If you already have dark hair this dye-job is particularly nice because the blue will be easily toned down as it tries to settle on your dark locks. A dark blue look is perfect if you’re not ready to go neon blue just yet!

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5. Dark Red

Dark red has all the good qualities of the dark blue look with a little more fire! This look is perfect for those people who look at the gorgeous red fall leaves and become inspired!

We love this dark red hair color because of its warmth and sass. Red hair is perfect if you’re looking for a boost of confidence! Red hair will attract all kinds of compliments. 


Layering red dye over dark hair is key to achieving this color. If you have lighter hair, try creating a mixture of black and red. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a redhead, try this color out this fall!


6. Pastel

Pastel hair is dreamy and reminds us of all our favorite cotton candy. Whether you go pink, blue, purple, or something else entirely, pastel hair is a staple in the hair dye world. 

While bleaching one’s hair to be light enough to handle pastel colors can be damaging to one’ s hair, once you’ve got it why not try out a pastel look. 

Pastel adds a pop of color to the grayness of fall and will stand out even against the colorful foliage. This pastel hair is a statement that anyone can rock!


Which hair color are you going to try this fall? Comment down below your hair plans!

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