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Hair Accessories You’ll Want To Include In Every Style

Hair Accessories You’ll Want To Include In Every Style

If you have unmanageable hair like mine, hair accessories are probably your best friend. I rely heavily on my claw clips and headbands, but there are so many other options I have yet to explore. Whether you’re looking to tame your hair or make it stand out, here are some hair accessories you’ll want to consider.


1. Floral Claw Clips

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Like I said, I’m a huge fan of claw clips. As a daily claw clip user, sometimes I get bored of the same old design. If you want the function of a normal claw clip, but ten times cuter, you should look for a flower shaped one. I’ve seen these types of clips all over the place, from Target to Etsy. Flower claw clips are the perfect hair accessories for the summer. I feel like these match a range of aesthetics; they work with “Coconut Girl” looks, as well as with a feminine, coquette style. Like most of the other hair accessories on this list, you can get floral claw clips for cheap!

2. Djerf Avenue Headband 

<img src="djerf.jpg" alt="">

If you’re looking to splurge on something, I recommend the Djerf Avenue rainbow headband. While $49 seems like a lot to spend on hair accessories, I’ve only heard positive reviews on this product. Not only is the Djerf Avenue headband made out of recycled materials, but it’s also so versatile. You can wear this with anything, like a loose linen shirt or an exercise dress. It’s such an easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone outfit. Though I don’t own the Djerf Avenue headband, I found a much cheaper dupe on Etsy. Check out both options!


3. Headscarves 

<img src="headscarf.jpg" alt="">

Headscarves can turn an outfit from drab to fab, just like that. I can’t get enough of them. They always make me feel so elegant and mature, no matter what I’m wearing with them. The silk, solid colored ones are gorgeous (and not to mention, perfect for a dreamy European vacation). I also love ones with patterns on them; one of the two I own has a pink gingham print, and the other has a psychedelic brown design. Throw on a pair of vintage sunglasses, and you’ll look like the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn. 

4. Hair Ribbons 

<img src="ribbons.jpg" alt="">


Out of all the hair accessories here, ribbons might just be my favorite. They’re so simple, and yet so effective. You can style hair ribbons in countless ways; I love how they’re arranged in the picture above. I also like it when people use one long ribbon to tie up their hair in a ponytail or in a single braid. Hair ribbons are incredibly cute, but what seals the deal is the price. You can get hair ribbons anywhere from 50 cents to $5—you just need to know where to look! Visit your local craft store before you go anyplace else. 

5. Baseball and Trucker Hats

<img src="hat.jpg" alt="">

Oh, baseball hats. My old reliable for when my hair is too messy to be shown in public. I’ve always sworn by baseball hats, and I’m excited to see them come back as popular hair accessories this summer. I already added a new hat to the mix: a solid black one from Brandy Melville. Of course, you can play around with the hats you wear—they don’t all have to be solid colored. Show off your favorite sports team, or better yet, get a hat with a funny-in-an-ironic-way saying. I’m not as big of a fan of trucker hats as I am baseball caps, though they’re also trending right now. I’d say that if you’re putting together a Y2K outfit, trucker hats are the perfect addition. 


6. Bangs

<img src="bangs.jpg" alt="">

I’m not sure if bangs count as hair accessories, but they do the same job as the usual suspects (i.e., all the clips and headbands). Bangs just add a certain something to every hairstyle. They’re simultaneously sophisticated and innocent, all the while framing your face beautifully. While I’m not a hairdresser, I would suggest bangs mostly for people with straight hair. As someone with wavy, frizzy hair, I’ve been warned that bangs on me would never cooperate. Since I can’t have my dream set of bangs, I’ve opted for curtain bangs instead. Whether you choose curtain or full bangs, you’ll look cute in either one of them!

7. Mini Clips

<img src="miniclip.jpg" alt="">

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Mini clips: they’re both a throwback and a comeback. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay for a while. Though they’re easy to lose, they’re so cheap and regularly sold that you won’t feel bad about misplacing them. My favorite way to wear them is by braiding small sections of my hair and placing clips at random spots of each braid. You can also arrange clips into a crown on your head, paying homage to the looks of the 90’s. Of course, they come in more shapes than just the one in the picture. Butterfly clips were huge a few decades ago, and sure enough they’ve made a return in 2022. Personally, I prefer mini flower clips. I guess I really just like wearing flowers in my hair (referring back to #1 on the list). 

8. Solid Headbands

<img src="headband.jpg" alt="">


Upon first glance, plain headbands seem dull. Let me tell you, they are anything but. If you think a solid colored headband is boring, you simply have no imagination. Think of all the outfits you can build from there! Headbands like these match any occasion. You’re going out to dinner? Throw on a floral slip dress and ballet flats with your headband on top. Trying to look dark academia chic? Grab a leather blazer, a turtleneck, and a pleated skirt…you’re good to go from there. That said, I will not accept plain headband slander any longer.


This summer, challenge yourself to try something new with your hair. I always fall into the habit of doing my hair the same way each day. It’s a new season, so why not have a new look to go with it?


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