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12 Hair Accessories You Need To Spice Up Your Look

One of our favorite ways to spice up any outfit is with your hair and your hair accessories. From clips, to charms, and headbands, the possibilities are endless when it comes to being creative with your hair. Here are 12 hair accessories you need to spice up your look!

1. Bandanas

Not only will you get one guaranteed look from this hair accessory, but you will also be getting multiple looks! From a makeshift headband with a tie at the front or at the bottom, we think that you will look oh so cute with this one.

This one also doubles as an accessory to your outfit and not just your hair. Tie this piece on your wrist or on your neck for some added flair to your look. You can easily take this up to your hair if you need a little style change during the day.

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2. Pearl Clips

There is nothing more elegant than a strand of pearls on your neck. Why not take this elegance to your hair with this hair accessory that will add a pop of class to your amazing hair. Pin back your hair out of your face on the side or do the half-up, half-down style with these babies as a cute hair accessory.

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3. Tortoise Shell Barrettes

A fun way to change up just your average hair piece is to add some different prints. Tortoise shell is definitely making a comeback into the fashion world, and we have 100% here for it! With these hairpieces, add as many matching prints as you like to really up your decoration in your hair.

One way to style this hair accessory is by first slicking your hair into a high pony with a middle part. Depending on how clean you want this look, you can hairspray down all of your baby hairs or leave them free-flowing and messy. Slide in the barrettes on your head and call it good!

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4. Pearl Claw Clip

A staple to 90s fashion besides a good pair of biker shorts and a crewneck would definitely be a claw clip! All of these trends have moved back into our style but with amped-up versions of the original. To spice up this already classic hair accessory, we love this pearl claw clip! Whether to just throw your hair out of your face or as an elegant look for something special, this claw clip is a must-have.

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5. Scrunchies + Ribbons

The best two in one that ever existed! We love this hair accessory for the two things you get with one product. The scrunchie is attached with a hair ribbon so you can have two great looks! This hairband will also help minimize damage to your hair and help not crease your locks.

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6. Claw Clip

A classic hairstyle that has been loved for ages is finally making a comeback into fashion this year! We are obsessed with the look because of how easy and simple it is to use the clip and how cute your hair looks using it!

You can easily make this hair accessory elegant with a half-up, half-down look or a laid-back style that is super casual. Either way, we are here for it!

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7. Knot Headbands

One thing we are glad is making a come back into fashion is headbands. If anyone remembers, our childhoods were definitely made up of butterfly clips and headbands with of course our fave Limited Too tee and jelly sandals.

This hair accessory is a ‘grown up’ version of what you remember and you can get away with masking a bad hair day! Whether it is three-day-old hair or freshly washed hair, a headband will add a pop of color and style to your outfit.

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8. Animal Print Accessories

Animal print is definitely neutral if you ask us. Not only will this enhance and bring out the colors of your hair, but it is a fun hair accessory that is in right now! When purchasing your next pack of scrunchies, hair clips, or scarves, look at the print options to add some flair to your hair!

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9. Hair Charms

Of all of these hair accessories, this one is definitely our favorite! These delicate pieces will make a drab hair day into a great way with some fun shapes and colors. We found so many styles with even pretty metals that could match your jewelry.

Start out with a braided updo and gradually add in the charms to your braid and either your pony or bun. To make sure everything says together, add some hair spray and close the charms tight!

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10. Pearl Bobby Pins

We love this hair accessory because it gives the illusion that your hair is just naturally studded with pearl! Just like regular bobby pins, you can stick these in wherever you would like to add some decoration to your hair. Of course, they will do their job of keeping your hair back, but it will be super cute!

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11. Large Bandanas

Next time you reach for a hat on your next bad hair day, consider this style! This hair accessory is great at covering up any messy and oily roots or even your roots that are in need of a hair appointment. Not only can you tie it in this way, but there are so many other ways that you can achieve a fast and fun look with this hair accessory.

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12. Patterns and Textures

Play with the variety that is out there, girl! Try new things with your hair and mix up your metals, patterns, and textures with whatever hair accessory you are trying. Pick up a few jewel-studded clips with a few textured clips to create some variety on your locks.

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Which hair accessories are you going to be rocking in your lovely locks? What other ways do you like to spice up your look? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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