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10 Hailey Bieber Outfits To Steal Immediately

All Hailey Bieber outfits are mad cute. She transitions from class to sass so easily, and always with style. From her staple gold hoops to classic light wash jeans, there are a few things that you can count on in all the best Hailey Bieber outfits. Some other staples of Hailey’s closet include sweatshirts, sweat sets, white sneakers, cute purses, and square, cat eye sunglasses. Two of the Hailey Bieber outfits in this list include leather pants, and many are perfected with her minimal accessorizing. Her favorite, go-to accessory, second only to one of her many gold hoops, is a simple black belt that cinches her waist.

1. The 90’s Mom

Hailey Bieber outfits are practical, yet sophisticated, and always comfortable. Her sweet, white, eyelash sweater is flattering and understated, as is her color palette. With her favorite, high-waisted, light-wash jeans she stays comfortable and casual, while a chunky, western-style belt buckle both cinches her waist and adds some depth to her outfit.

Hailey styled her hair long and straight with this look, but she wears a scrunchie on her wrist to stay practical. You can always count on Hailey for fashion and function! Pair with some geometric aviators, your favorite gold hoops, a simple necklace, and a black handbag. If you have a basket weave, black, leather bag like Hailey- extra fashion points!

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2. Lil’ Bish On The Prairie

Everyone loves floral, feminine dresses, especially when they are from Reformation. All the ‘It’ girls own at least one floral frock to wear on those days they want to feel like a nature princess, but Hailey didn’t go full on ‘Little House on the Prairie’ in this look. Instead, she rocks her favorite white kicks with white ankle socks to match, bringing a splash of urban flair to her outfit. Hailey opted again for a pair of cool, geometric aviators and her favorite gold hoops as accessories, so keep it simple to emulate her look.

This comfy and casual outfit has been road trip tested and approved by Hailey and Justin!

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3. Sweatshirt Junkie

Hailey Bieber outfits frequently include a warm and cozy sweatshirt, which is a trend I think all of us can get behind. From being stuck inside all the time during quarantine, to just wanting to be comfortable, sweatshirts have become a part of many people’s daily routines. If you want to keep this habit going, all you have to do is learn how to style them like Hailey! In this look, a leather jacket makes a sweatshirt seem tough and ready to rock, instead of being just a warm and cozy layer.

Her gold chain hoops and square, cat-eye sunglasses are ‘It’ girl fashion accessories that all of us need in our closet right now. Not only do they make this look feel perfectly put together, but they will go with so many things! Hailey will continue to prove this, I’m sure.

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4. Tie Dye Sweat Set

Hailey is wearing gold hoops, white sneakers, and geometric, aviator sunglasses again in this look, which both prove their necessity and versatility. This super cute, black and white tie-dye set was the perfect look for driving around the U.S. with Justin on their road trip, as well as being a great look to ‘gram. A sweat set is a good way to look put together in your comfiest of duds, and now definitely feels like the right time to hop on this tie-dye trend. Why not combine these excellent ideas?

Not hooked on tie-dye? Make sure to go for a nice black and white set to keep it simple and classic like Hailey in this look. Although, it’s important to remember that Hailey makes any number of colors of tie-dye work in her favor. I’m sure you could do the same.

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5. College Dad Vs. Business Mom

Hailey comes through with another incredible sweatshirt look here. Hopping on the Dad sweatshirt bandwagon is much more fashion-forward when you do it in a blazer and leather pants. This combo of leather, workwear, and sweats is sure to come off as cool, chic, and laissez-faire all at the same time. Some cute and comfy cloth heels, gold hoops, and those amazing square, cat-eye sunglasses I told you about earlier give this look just the right balance between the style of your business mom and your proud college dad. Love this look for weekend errands!

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6. President, King, CEO

Guess what? That’s right: another of the incredible Hailey Bieber outfits that include gold hoops, white sneakers, and square, cat-eye sunglasses. She is the queen of fashion recycling. Everyone be like Hailey.

This outfit has some major badass vibes about it. A structured black blazer with shoulder pads is the perfect way to announce to everyone that you’re here and that you mean business. Just in case the peasants didn’t hear you, your black, pleather leggings should get their attention. Oh, and don’t forget your cross-body purse that’s full of all your very important things. This outfit looks prepared, practical, and exquisitely domineering. You can go out in this at any time of day or night, and maybe even wear it to a meeting with some different kicks.

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7. Trendy Bae

Hailey Bieber outfits always have an air of sexy about them, which was especially true before she became Mrs. Justin Bieber (obviously, gotta impress bae). This is the perfect daytime date look because it’s super sexy, but the long-sleeved black top still covers you up with just the right amount of modesty. It can be nice to keep just a little bit of mystery going sometimes, after all.

Many of us already own a white crop top and high-waisted denim shorts, perhaps even in a light wash. Per usual, this look requires gold hoops and a black belt to cinch your waist. Hailey also added a simple gold choker to complete this simple ensemble. The real key to nailing this look, however, is the gauzy, black, oversize shirt she wears over her shoulders. Fashionable, fierce, and sexy, this look definitely says ‘make me your wifey.’ And hey, it’s proved effective.

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8. Power Groupie

This fire-tinged ‘It’ girl look is both cool and fiery at the same time, giving off major main character vibes. Strong colors like red and orange are prominent in this look, which helps to fuel the powerful energy Hailey gives off here. Your favorite, vintage band tee gets a major update when paired with a silky bomber and athletically inclined, striped pants. With sneakers, boots, or heels, this look is sure to get you around town any day of the week looking both very cool and comfortable.

The perfect gold hoops for this look proved to be larger than Hailey’s usual hoops, and her sunglasses also have a different energy. Layer up those gold chains, grab a clutch, and strap on your favorite watch to adequately accessorize this total baller ensemble.

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9. Wild Cat

This look is oh, so simple, but also, not. A sweatshirt and jeans becomes a whole ‘lewk’ with the addition of a bright, eye-catching, animal print coat. A structured handbag matures your sweatshirt into a practical layer, and slicking your hair back helps to support this mature energy as well. In case you didn’t catch on yet: gold hoops and square, cat-eye sunglasses really do make any outfit look ten times better. Thanks for the tip, Hailey! Pair with tall, scrunchy, black socks and loafers.

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10. Soft And Springy

Spring green helps to freshen up any look, which feels so necessary if you’ve been trapped inside for ages like all of us have been! The foundation for this outfit is super simple, again: a black crop top that you probably have in your closet already, light wash, high-waisted jeans, and a black belt to cinch at the waist. Stay cozy and warm in a corduroy shirt jacket, but pick a fresh green to bring a splash of colorful joy into your life.

If colorful corduroy isn’t enough to make you smile, a bright, funky bag should really do the trick. I can’t be the only one obsessed with this amazing bag, after all! It’s adorable. Wear some cute rings and a watch to add just little bit of bling.

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Which of these Hailey Bieber outfits is your favorite? Let us know which ones you try for yourself in the comments!

Feature Image Source: via Instagram @haileybieber
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