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10 Hailey Bieber Inspired Looks You Can Recreate

Okay, is it just me or does anyone else notice that Hailey Bieber kills the fashion game like 100% of the time?? No matter if she is wearing sweats or her signature oversized top look, she looks amazing in all of it. Her style screams classy yet street style which gives her a unique look. As one of my favorite style inspirations obviously I have done my research on where to get similar pieces. If you aspire to have Hailey Bieber style vibes, I am here to enlighten you and show you where you can get these looks!

1. Black On Black

Can you ever go wrong with an all black outfit?  This effortless look screams chic! Leather pants are a look that is so classy and will look stylish paired with any black tank top or blouse. Accessorize this look with some black sunglasses, a black bag, and gold jewelry and there you go, a new style icon is born! This look is so easy to put together and can be altered to your personal style preference. Hailey Bieber has rocked many head to toe black outfits and each one is unique in its own way. Go on Princess Polly and find the perfect pieces in order to create your very own stylish all black outfit. 

2. Oversized Top

If you take a close look at Hailey Bieber’s style, you will notice she loves to wear oversized tops. This could be a jacket, blouse, sweater, hoodie, or blazer. I mean, who doesn’t love this oversized trend? It’s comfy and stylish! Personally, I could live in oversized clothes and think Hailey Bieber’s style is perfect to replicate for this trend. If you have been searching for the ultimate oversized top, I know of a few places perfect for buying one. I will name a few stores that I highly suggest looking for: Free people, Missguided, Urban Outfitters, or ZARA. 

3. Her Signature Sweats Look

Hailey Bieber rocks the causal sweat look all the time and let me tell you, it looks great. I always wonder how she can look so classy even wearing her sweats. I have noticed that she tends to wear a matching sweatsuit. From what I’ve seen, she wears Adidas a lot for a sporty look. You can easily buy one of these matching sweatsuits from the Adidas site. She also wears softer sweats which can easily be found on a site like Pretty Little Thing in multiple colors! 

4. Leather Jacket

One of Hailey Bieber’s most recognized outfits has to be the oversized leather jacket. Talk about a badass look! If you are looking for a chic yet edgy outfit, a leather jacket like hers is one you need to invest in now. Pair this jacket with some black pants or boyfriend jeans and there you go, the perfect leather jacket outfit! Lucky for you, I know just where to get a similar jacket for much cheaper. Zara! Here you can find very similar jackets in an array of styles. Linked below is the perfect one to recreate this look. 

5. Going To The Office Look

Please don’t think that you can’t be both stylish and professional when it comes to fashion in the workplace. If you are someone who loves to dress to impress at work, then Hailey Bieber has some girl boss outfits that you will want to recreate now! A neutral color blazer is a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe. This can be worn over a blouse or sweater. Pair this with leather pants, or a straight leg trouser for a trendy yet professional look. Complete this look with heal booties to really tie everything together. You can get a quality blazer perfect for any outfit at ZARA and not to mention for a great price! 

6. Athleisure Look

Since athleisure has pretty much taken over my whole wardrobe, I am a huge advocate for this look! Hailey Bieber has some great athletic looks that can be both sporty and stylish. Bike shorts and an oversized tee or crewneck is a perfect combination. Throw on some running shoes and head on out! This look is perfect for on the go or even a casual weekend look. Pull this look together with her iconic slicked-back low bun. This is a hairstyle that she frequently wears and is very easy to recreate. It will complete the athletic and effortless look you want to achieve. 

7. Pop Of Color

Looking to spice up your daily style? Replicate some of Hailey Bieber’s most iconic outfits and add a pop of color. Try experimenting with new colors that best compliment y0u. For Hailey, she tends to wear a lot of green. By wearing a simple outfit but adding that one piece that will stand out is a great way to step up your style. Try jeans and a t-shirt but maybe add a colored jacket or a bright colored bag. This will not only be super stylish but it will also be fun to play around with and create new outfits! 

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8. Boyfriend Jeans

If you look at Hailey Bieber’s more casual looks, she is most likely wearing boyfriend jeans. Whether she wears them with a sweater, a sweatshirt, or blouse, she knows how to pull them off. If you want to recreate some of her best casual looks, Levi is a great place to get very similar boyfriend jeans. Dress these up or down, they are great for so many occasions. 

9. Summer Crop Top Look

You have to admit, whether Hailey Bieber is going to the store, to get coffee, or going to an important meeting, her style never fails to amaze. An easy look of hers to recreate is the casual summer jean shorts and a crop top. You can easily put this one together and then add accessories like a bag and sunglasses to complete the look. Throw on a pair of high top Converse and your outfit will be stunning. Sometimes a simple outfit can be one that will turn heads. 

10. Matching Knit Set

Can anybody think of a better feeling than being stylish AND comfortable?? Hailey Bieber has opened our eyes to the world 0f the matching knit set. This is a perfect outfit to recreate since it already comes with the top and bottoms. All you have to do is add some jewelry and a bag to this outfit to complete the final look. A knit outfit is perfect for the fall or winter when you want to throw on something that is cute yet warm. It is perfect to wear around the house or going out for the day. Hailey likes to wear ones that are neutral colors. Finding a knit set will not be hard since they are currently a popular trend.

On and off the runway, Hailey Bieber is a fashion icon and her style is inspiring people all over. If you love her style just as much as me, let me know which outfit of hers is your favorite in the comments below!

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