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15 Hacks To Save Money Dorm Shopping

Going to college is an expensive time. Between paying for tuition, buying textbooks, and dorm shopping; a lot of money gets spent. One of the easiest areas to save money in is dorm shopping. If you look in the right places and do the right things, you can save a lot of money! Here are 15 hacks to save money dorm shopping!

1. You Don’t Have To Shop At Anthropologie

There are so many great stores out there that have things like pillows or sheets for a much cheaper price. At Anthropologie, most bedding sets cost $200. Try checking out TJ Maxx or Marshalls for comfortable pillows and comforter sets. At TJ Maxx, you can find comforter sets for as little as $40!

2. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Make sure that you always check out the coupons online or in the mail for the stores you are going to go to. A quick google search or look through the mail will most likely give you multiple coupons. Bed Bath & Beyond almost always has a coupon that you can use for anything in their store. 

3. Plan Ahead

Before going into a store and spending all of your money on things because they “look pretty”, try creating a list. I can guarantee that you will be more focused on what you actually need instead of what you want. If you are unsure what you need for college, there are plenty of lists online that will help guide you. 

4. Talk To Your Roommate

If you aren’t talking to your roommate about who is buying what, you might end up with two Keurigs or two mini fridges which would have saved you so much money if you had known. They can also help you decide if you want a microwave or a fridge in your room, and if you don’t need to buy either of those, great. 

5. Go Online

If you see something cute in the store, chances are you can probably find it online for a much cheaper price. Just make sure that the shipping isn’t too expensive because it can drive the cost up, creating a higher price tag. Ebay and Amazon are great options for finding cheap alternatives. If you already have your school email you can sign up for Amazon Prime for free for a couple months and get free shipping on your purchases!

6. Check Your House For Extra School Supplies

You probably don’t need that really cute set of pens and pencils because there are probably 50 lying around your house somewhere. When it comes to folders, notebooks, and pens/pencils, most people have leftover ones they have never used from their past high school years.

7. Talk To Other People That Are In College

Before you go spending all of your money on a mini TV or a microwave, talk to a sibling, friend, or relative that is currently in college to figure out what they actually use or don’t use while they are away at school. That way you can avoid buying anything unnecessary.

8. DIY

This has become wildly popular lately. There are many Instagram and Youtube videos you can find where people are DIY-ing something. Doing anything yourself is cheaper than going to a store and purchasing it. 

9. Buy In Bulk

It is great if your parents have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership because buying in bulk can really save a lot of money.  If you end up having a dorm room that has a bathroom, buying toilet paper or paper towels in bulk is an easy way to save money. 

10. Look For Sales

Stores like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have designated days or weeks that their college stuff goes on sale. It may be hard to wait for those special days, but if you are able to hold off then you can save money. 

11. Get Hand-Me-Downs

Maybe your sibling has graduated from college already, and they have a clothes hamper that they don’t use anymore. Awesome! That saves you from buying one of those for school. Even though hand-me-downs might not be the most ideal way to acquire things for your dorm, it’ll make your budget very happy. 

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12. Figure Out What Size Your Room Is

You might think that a couch would look super cute in your dorm! Well, chances are a couch or any large pieces of furniture won’t fit into your room. You shouldn’t waste your money on ottomans or couches because there won’t be any space for them. 

13. Actually Set A Budget

Similar to creating a list, setting a budget is an easy way to keep track of the money you are spending, and it will make you feel guilty for going over budget. Your budget really depends on how much you are able to spend whether that is $200 or $1,000. Follow what is right for you.

14. Avoid Your Favorite Stores

You are more likely to buy things that are unnecessary for your dorm because you are at your favorite store, and you love everything that they make. 

15. Go To Garage Sales

Garage sales are a great way to get some extra storage cabinets or hangers for your dorm at a much cheaper price. Garage sales are full of surprises, and you never know what you might find at them. 

These are 15 hacks to save money dorm shopping! There are so many ways to save money while you are shopping for your dorm. Just get creative and have fun! Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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