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20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

If you’re looking to get back into studying whether it be after a school break, a break from school in general, or before starting a new school then it can be tough to get back into that mindset. The freedom of school breaks like summer can get us accustomed to a more casual lifestyle that doesn’t require extensive hours of reading, note-taking, and exam preparations. However, there can be many things that help you kickstart that study mindset and help get you back into studying and on a productive track towards your goals. Here are 20 hacks to get you back into studying!

1. Know What You Want – Have A Clear And Present Goal

One of the most important parts of getting back into studying and that mindset is to know what you want. You need to have a clear, present goal ahead of you that you are working towards with your studying and work. It can help you stay on track as you move towards that goal whether it be passing a class, getting a certain grade point average, or graduating strongly (not in the mindset of “C’s get degrees”).

20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying


2. Make A Structured Goals List

After figuring out the main goal (or goals) that you’re working towards, it can help you to make a plan and schedule if you have a structured goals list. This means having mini-goals, if you will, that are smaller tasks that are more tangible and accomplishable helping you move towards that overall goal and accomplishment. Passing a test, studying an hour each night, reading through your textbook, etc., are just some examples of mini-goals you can set for yourself.

3. Start Off Slow

Sometimes getting back into studying is tough because people assume that jumping in headfirst is the fastest and easiest way. Maybe for some people that could work but it’s fair to assume that’s not for everyone. Starting off slow with little expectations and demands will slowly help you adjust your lifestyle back into one that involves focus and studying when it’s called for.

4. Form A Study Group

Study groups can make a big difference for helping you get into a productive mindset and overall get back into studying. However, be careful of who you choose to be in your group. You can easily have a super fun but unproductive study group that overall won’t help you in achieving your goals. Not to say you can’t have a productive and fun group, but there has to be a consensus that at the end of the day, you’re all there to help each other learn and achieve success.


20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

5. Find A Study Spot

Having a spot to study consistently can make a big difference in getting back into studying and that necessary study mindset. You want to have a nice, clean workspace that ideally doesn’t have a lot of distractions around. However, everyone is different in what they associate as distractions and what the prefer to have around them for comfort. Some people like the library for its quiet atmosphere, good internet, and the people around (even if not interacting with them). Sometimes it’s easier to focus when you’re not entirely alone, but for some others, it’s the opposite. Whether it’s your room and desk, the library, a coffee shop, or wherever you should have a place that’s easy for you to focus and where you’re comfortable enough to really get into a studying mindset.

6. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is important for getting back into studying because you want to be prepared and not scramble. You want to know exactly when those upcoming quizzes or exams are coming up so that you can prepare with plenty of time. It also helps you plan your social life because if you know when you’re studying then you also know when you’re not and when you can hang out with friends or relax.


20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

7. Don’t Cram

Cramming is usually the go-to method for studying for many students and they would agree in saying it’s typically not ideal. Staying up all night before a test to study everything because it was procrastinated until then is not the most efficient method of studying. You want to give yourself plenty of time to read through the material as well as time to let it sink into your brain. This involves study, sleep, and repeat.

8. Have Planned Breaks

Getting back into studying doesn’t mean you’re going to be reading and studying 24/7. It’s actually really important to take breaks throughout your studying for a number of reasons. You want to give your brain time to process the information you’ve just read or learned. You also want to curb that growing desire to slack off and stop studying together.

9. Get Organized

Being organized is a fairly obvious “hack” for getting back into studying but it’s very important. Have all your materials available in terms of textbooks and online resources, but also have study materials like flashcards, paper, pens, pencils, and just whatever you need to study. That can include snacks also!

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It can be tough to get back into that mindset and get back into studying so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Whether it be from classmates, your family, or even your professor! It can make a big difference especially in the eyes of your professor. They would appreciate seeing you taking such a dedicated interest in studying for their class.

20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

11. Take It Seriously

This can also appear to be a fairly obvious hack for getting back into studying. But some people need to hear it. Take your studies seriously. Even if it’s a course that isn’t exactly relevant to your ideal field of work it can be more beneficial to take it seriously and see how well and how much you can learn. You never know what might be useful someday so it’s helpful and important to put effort into all of your courses.

12. Develop Consistent Study Habits

Having consistent study habits helps your mind get on track faster towards getting back into studying. If you have a consistent time set aside for studying, you’ll be able to plan for the rest of your day as well as make sure you’re getting in enough hours of studying every week.

20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

13. Create Google Drive Study Guides With friends And Classmates

Depending on the course, it can be really helpful to have a shared Google Drive study guide with your friends/classmates. Unfortunately, the way this typically goes is one or two people make the study guides on their own then share it with everyone else who uses it. But if everyone participates, it’s helpful to have a collaborative study guide that people can add to, edit, and share ideas.

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14. Flashcards

Flashcards are a really useful study tool depending on the material you are studying of course. They can make a big difference for memorization and just the act of making the cards themselves can be a good method of studying. Having simple but effective study methods can really help with getting back into the groove.

15. Find Your Perfect Study Time (Morning, Afternoon, Or Night)

Relating back to a previous study hack, in addition to having a consistent study time it can be really helpful to identify your own ideal study time. Some people study better at the crack of dawn, others in the middle of the night, and some people like studying somewhere in between. Find what time works for you and adjust your schedule to do some studying during that time!

20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

16. Pick The Right Music (Or No Music)

Music can make a big difference in helping to get back into studying. Obviously, everyone has different tastes in music and such so it’s safe to assume most people have different study music that they prefer. Whether it’s electronic, rap, country, or instrumental you can find something out there that helps you focus and get into a studying mindset when you need to.

17. Limit Alcohol & Other Substances

Limiting your alcohol and other fun substance usages can really help you get back into studying. It can be hard to focus during your morning study session if you’re hungover from the night before. Or if you ate a “special brownie” earlier and thought you’d be good to study at night then you underestimated the specialness of that brownie. Not to say you need to cut all those things out of your life, just remember your planned study times and plan those fun, extracurricular activities for other times.

18. Eat Right

Your diet can make a big difference in helping you get back into studying. It may sound like a cheap cliche but there really is “brain food” out there that helps keep your brain more alert and healthy. Find your ideal “brain food” which can consist of both healthy and tasty junk foods, as long as you’re getting the nutrients your body needs.

19. Don’t Forget Exercise & Sunshine

Exercise and getting outside helps your body and mind stay healthy, which overall will help you get back into studying. Try to get in some daily exercise and some time in the sunshine and fresh air to compensate for all the time you’ll spend inside studying. Having a balance makes a big difference in helping you not go stir crazy when you have work you need to get done.

20. Get Enough Rest

Rest is one of the most vital parts of studying! Getting sleep not only allows your brain to stay more alert and fresh when it comes to reading and studying. But getting good sleep allows your brain to better remember and learn studied material. Don’t sacrifice too much sleep to study because it’s important for learning as well!

20 Hacks To Get You Back Into Studying

What are your favorite hacks to help get back into studying? Share them in the comments below!

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