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15 Hacks Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In The Winter

15 Hacks Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In The Winter

Despite winter being one of the happiest times of the year, it’s also a time where most of us experience dry (and unattractive) dry skin. Although dry skin is annoying and sometimes high-maintenance, there are many easy ways to ensure your skin is moisturized and glowing throughout the winter months! Here’s how to get rid of dry skin in the winter for good. 

Avoid using hot water when showering.

While it’s tempting to soak in a hot tub on a cold winter day, try not to go overboard with how hot your baths and showers are. Exposing your skin to hot water can make your dry skin worse. Instead, try a warm bath. Don’t forget to toss in a moisturizing bath bomb to help get rid of dry skin!

beauty bath to get rid of dry skin


Add a few drops of beauty oil to your bath.

Speaking of taking warm baths, a great way to ensure your skin stays moisturized during winter is adding in a few drops of your favorite beauty oil directly into your bath. Monoi oil is a great oil to add to your bath and will totally fill your bathroom with an aroma that will make you’re on a Hawaiian vacation. Say hello to glowing, silky skin.

Stay hydrated!

Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and keeping it hydrated is extremely important no matter what time of year it is. Not being properly hydrated is not only unhealthy, but it also causes dry skin and even makes dark circles more noticeable. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat foods that are packed with water throughout the day to help rid your skin of dryness.

stay hydrated to get rid of dry skin


Lotion right after showering and bathing.

A great way to boost your skin’s moisture is lotioning up right after a shower. Drenching your skin with lotion helps your skin lock in moisture from your bath and keeps it supple and silky longer. If you’re a busy girl, there’s also amazing in-shower lotions that will help you save time and get rid of dry skin.

Avoid exposing skin to harsh weather conditions.

Exposing your skin to cold wind and wet conditions can lead to dry skin. Cold wind against your skin can dry it out, and rain (that can sometimes contain traces of acidic components) can also cause your skin (especially on your face) to dry out. When going outdoors on a cold, wet day, be sure to protect yourself by wearing gloves, hats, long pants and a cute coat that covers your arms!

Gently exfoliate skin.

Dry patches of skin can easily be buffed out by gently exfoliating your skin. While showering, gently use a soft sponge (or a body brush with soft bristles) in a circular motion where you have dry patches to buff away dryness. Make sure you apply a moisturizing lotion (or body oil) to the exfoliated area to make sure it remains soft and smooth!


exfoliate to get rid of dry skin

Switch to a hydrating body wash or bar soap.

Certain kinds of soaps can excessively strip away natural oils that help keep skin soft and moisturized. Using a glycerin bar soap or a hydrating body wash is a must during the cold winter months — whatever your skin likes best.

Avoid harshly drying skin with your bath towel.

Harsh rubbing against your skin while drying off with a towel and damage skin and leave it drier than it previously was. When drying yourself off with a towel, gently pat moisture away — never (ever) rub a towel against your skin!


Try liquid based makeup.

While most women opt to use a liquid foundation, there are a few who would rather use a powder foundation. This makes sense if your skin is extremely oily, but if your skin isn’t oily, consider using a liquid-based foundation that offers a luminous or dewy finish. These kinds of foundations tend to keep skin more hydrated throughout the day and will prevent added flaking of the skin when wearing foundation. Try a few out and find one that your skin will love!

use liquid foundation to get rid of dry skin

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Invest in a humidifier.

A humidifier is a great way to add a little more moisture to dry air in your home. Not only is this a great way to keep your skin moisturized, but it can also even help some people breath easier at night while sleeping when used properly!

Go easy with acids and retinol-based skincare products.

While it may be tempting to slather your face with retinol and acids to keep a youthful glow, it will make dry skin patches even more prominent, especially during the cold winter months. If you can, stick to keeping your skin moisturized by sticking to preventative anti-aging skincare such as using sunscreen and a moisturizer throughout the day until weather conditions clear up.

Use a cleansing oil to remove makeup.

Luckily for all of us, there are many cleansing oils on the market to love right now that not only remove makeup gently, but keep skin moisturized and glowy. Transition to an oil-based cleansing oil (or add it into your routine) instead of relying on an oil-stripping face wash that can make dry skin even worse.


Use an overnight hydrating face mask.

Prevent dry skin while you’re sleeping by using an overnight face mask! There are a ton of options available for us right now, so better take advantage. You’ll wake up to smooth, moisturized skin that’s ready to take on the day. It’s so easy, you can literally do this in your sleep.

overnight moisturizing mask to get rid of dry skin

Add oil to your foundation.

An expert makeup trick for dewy, moisturized skin is to add a little beauty oil to your foundation. Not only will your skin glow, but it will also protect your skin against dry, cold wind and thus helping you get rid of dry skin. It’s a win-win.


Avoid over powdering makeup.

It might be tempting to bake your concealer and over-powder your foundation to help it from getting oily throughout the day, but over powdering can lead to dry skin and flakes throughout the day — which is never a good look! Try blotting your skin with a tissue before powdering and blotting throughout the day, using powder only where needed if touch-ups are required. Also, a mattifying primer and setting spray will keep your skin from getting oily without needing to powder excessively.