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11 Hacks To Make Life At Ohio University Easier

11 Hacks To Make Life At Ohio University Easier

Let’s face it, freshman year can be tricky. And why wouldn’t it be? Many freshmen are away from home for the first time, and all are trying to figure out what the heck it means to be an adult (or attempt to be one, at least). You freshman year doesn’t have to be a hassle, though. We have collaborated 10 hacks to make your life at Ohio University easier. You can thank us later.

1. Snacks are the key to studying.

Use a reward system with your favorite snack foods when you are studying. Have a gummy bear each time you finish a set of flashcards, or read a page. This will motivate you to be the best student possible. Late nights in Alden are always better with gummies, too (you can even get them at Cafe Bibliotech, which is right on the second floor).



2. Take easier classes during your first semester.

We would recommend taking classes that are known to be easier on your campus, or subjects that you excel in. This will cause your GPA to be higher, in turn setting you up for more room for error in your second semester. Aim for the liberal arts general education requirements: you can normally find a ton of 1000 level classes to knock those out.

3. Learn some microwave recipes.

Whether it’s morning eggs or a nighttime cake, microwave recipes are everywhere. Gourmet mug meals are all the rage and should be taken full advantage of during your time in a dorm. Becuase OU doesn’t allow a ton of cooking equipment in the dorms, it’s important to give your microwave a little love. Check out some awesome mug recipes here!


4. No speaker? No problem!

This classic hack is as simple as can be. All you need to do is put your phone in any cup you have laying around and voila! You have a fully functioning speaker (and your RA will likely not complain about noise).

5. Dryer sheets work as air fresheners, and more!

Put those dryer sheets your mom sent with you to good use! Place a few in front of your dorm’s air conditioning unit or a fan in your room. You can also stuff them in your shoes overnight to make them smell fresh, or you can rub them on your hair to get rid of static.


6. Drink with intelligence.

Use these covers for your beer cans to make drinking in your dorm as “low-key” as possible. These will lower your chances of getting caught and help relieve some stress. Make sure to be careful when you’re throwing out your cans, though.

7. Change your lock screen.

Make the lock screen on your phone a screenshot of your schedule, or a map of the Ohio University campus. This will ensure that you make it to all your classes on time, and know where you are going.

8. Learn how to store your clothes.

Limited closet space in your dorm can really cramp your style. Vertically stack your t-shirts and shorts. We promise this will create so much space that you won’t even know what to do with it! The drawers in older halls on East Green, like Perkins and Bush, have shallow drawers, though, so if you don’t have enough depth to use this method, opt for rolling your clothes sushi-style!

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9. Reuse everything!

Don’t have a dustpan? Use an empty pizza box instead. No plate? Use a tortilla. Have an empty milk jug? Refill it with more milk from the food court. Always carry a water bottle with you, too, to refill when you’re in the dining hall (great for infused water or a little soda for later).


10. Use a Keurig to make Ramen.

Set your Keurig to make hot water for your cup of ramen. This hack is the best because it requires no microwave.


11. No time for dining halls? Get the most out of the to-go option.

If you hit a bad week during the semester (evenings filled with meetings, class schedule doesn’t allow a ton of time for lunch, a time-consuming project due Friday, etc.), fill up a to-go box with just proteins. You can reheat them in your dorm or apartment and slap them on bread to make a hardier sandwich.


*Sydney Dawes contributing author

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