9 Hacks to Make Your Life Easier at LMU

Keep reading for 9 hacks to make your life easier at LMU!

1. It’s totally acceptable to camp out at Subway if need be.

If your dorm’s fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night, no worries! The Subway restaurant by Bristol Farms on Lincoln Boulevard is open for 24 hours. It’s definitely within walking distance, and you won’t have to stand in the cold for hours.

2. Learn how to deal with the Registrar.

Don’t call the Registrar. Go in person. If you encounter someone who knows little about what you are trying to figure out, ask to speak to someone else. Remember to be kind to whomever you speak to. You might need to speak to him or her again in the future.

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3. Use the psychology department to your advantage.

If you need to stay up late writing a paper, and it isn’t finals week, go to the psychology department on the far end of the 4th floor of University Hall. The psychology department has computers, printers, tables, chairs, and couches.


4. Save money on textbooks when you can.

Textbooks can be expensive. Check the bookstore and StudentRate to compare costs before buying or renting. If you choose to buy a book, and realize you don’t need it or want to sell it back at the end of the year, you can do so here!


5. Join clubs or do whatever you can to get involved on campus.

Dedicate your time and energy to around three clubs or organizations on campus. Remember not to spread yourself too thin. Rather, make connections with students and professors in clubs, organizations, and classes. You might need to ask for favors in the future and it could help to have different friend groups.


6. Spend all of your LION dollars.

If you are left with a bunch of LION dollars, you can ask a Sodexo employee to assist you in your donation to charity, or you can order Domino’s. Domino’s by KC’s Crêpes Café on Lincoln Boulevard accepts LION dollars. It’s within walking distance, and it delivers to your door. If you order online, place your OneCard number under “instructions for the driver.”

7. Save your LION dollars.

If you have the opposite problem with your LION dollars, you can buy food and beverages at a better value. For example, Minute Maid orange juice is cheaper than Odwalla orange juice, and the container holds a greater amount of orange juice. You can also ask your friends to buy you lunch or dinner. In a few Facebook groups, e.g. “Free Food on Campus,” people occasionally post about free food on campus.


8. Get a grip on toiletries.

If you run out of toilet paper, remember your area office provides toilet paper, trash bags, and vacuum cleaners. During move-out weekend, the area office also provides rolling carts. Ralphs at the corner of Manchester Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard, Vons at the corner of 80th Street and Emerson Avenue, and CVS provide your daily needs, too. Vons and Ralphs are within walking distance.

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9. Invest in a printer.

Set up a printer in your dorm room. It will come in handy, especially if you run out of the money allocated for printing or need to print something out ASAP and don’t have time to get to the library before class. Locate a few of the PrintMe printer locations on campus. Regardless as to whether you decide to get your own printer or use the PrintMe printers, allot at least 5 minutes for printing.

What are some other hacks to make your life easier at LMU? Comment below for our student readers and share this article to help!
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