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7 Hacks To Wake Up Earlier And Feel Energized

7 Hacks To Wake Up Earlier And Feel Energized

These are some hacks for waking up and staying up! Waking up early can be hard and slow, but with these tips you will feel great in the morning.

Let’s be honest here, no one likes getting up early in the morning, it’s just something that we do because of our commitments. But, there are actually great benefits in making it a habit, oversleeping or even simply having an unhealthy sleep routine can be your downfall. So, I’ve put together my favourite hacks for waking up earlier.

Put your phone somewhere far away.

Alarms may be there to wake you up but sometimes the fact that it is so close to you allows you to turn it off completely and continue to sleep. If it’s further away, you would have to stand up and physically move towards it in order to shut it off and this would help you wake up.

Turn Off Snooze!

Trust me, coming from someone who knows first-hand, the snooze button can be your best friend and your worst enemy. By completely turning it off you immediately eliminate any option of going back to sleep and this will help you wake up straight away.


Get Out of Bed Faster.

Spending too much time lazing around in bed can mean that you easily fall back asleep or waste time. If your trying to be efficient and have a productive day then make sure to jump out of bed as soon as you hear the alarm.

Sleep Earlier.

These kind of hacks for waking up can be hard because everyone likes to stay up a little late. If you’re in university your probably constantly out late or simply spend time catching up on your tv shows with no idea how time has passed you by. But, sleeping earlier is honestly incredibly beneficial for your health, your productivity, your skin! And will make sure that you wake up earlier the next morning ready to face the world.

Start a Night Routine.

Making a night routine will give you an incentive for going to sleep earlier and force you to go to bed. If you get into the habit of doing this routine, then you’ll be probably getting in the habit of sleeping earlier and waking up earlier.

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Make a Morning Routine.

Just like a night routine will help you sleep early, a morning routine will help you wake up earlier. Getting into the habit of doing certain things in the morning step by step will give you another reason to wake up earlier and soon your body will find that it is used to waking up earlier.

Splash Your Face with Cold Water!

This one is my favourite because it will definitely help you wake up. As soon as you get out of bed, go to the toilet and use cold water to wash your face. I would say do this at least 3 times until you feel more awake and then continue with your morning routine!


Do you have any hacks for waking up in the morning? Tell us in the comments below!

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