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Hacks For The College Student With No Time

Hacks For The College Student With No Time

You barely have enough time to read this article, so read fast: hacks for the college student with no time.

1. Grayscale While Studying

Tristan Harris formerly worked as a Design Ethicist at Google. In 2017, he made people aware of how phones are made to be addictive to the users. While you’re studying, he suggests turning your screen to grayscale. When your phone is disabled from showing its stunning colors, you will be less intrigued and stimulated by the solely black and white images on your phone. This way, you’re less susceptible to become entranced by the sharp quality of your phone, and put it down to pick up your pen instead. Click here to find out how to change your iPhone or Android device to grayscale.

2. It’s Beer O’Clock

Take advantage of the little pocket of time you may have before you go out for the night. Close your door, put a timer on for twenty minutes, and get going. This is a small hack that can help reduce your Sunday Scaries. The anticipation of going out with my friends proved a powerful motivator for me, and it may for you too.


3. Audiobooks, B*tch

You can listen while you’re pooping, walking to class, eating lunch, or brushing your teeth. Plus, you can speed up the narrator’s voice to make the book go by even faster. Worried about reading comprehension? I was too. Then I came to terms with the fact that I would never have the time to sit down and read the book in the first place.

I purchase my audiobooks through the iTunes Store. Another option is, which has a monthly subscription service. If you are just listening to books for class, however, I recommend going the iTunes or Google Play route. The apps are much more user friendly and you’ll be saving money by not committing to a subscription.

4. Laptop Notifications

They are super convenient when you’re chilling on your computer, but are certified distractors when we need to get work done. Don’t forget you can also use do not disturb mode on your MacBook as well. Click the three lines at the top right of your window, and scroll to the very top of the sidebar to activate and deactivate do not disturb.

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5. “Studying, Talk Later :)”

Send a nice text to boo. Let them know you’ll be doing schoolwork and won’t be as responsive as you usually are. They will appreciate the text and give you the space you need. You don’t have to go AWOL for 4 hours. Respond every hour or so. Sending the text is clear communication: an essential make up of a healthy relationship.

6. Your Job

If you do not have enough time to finish your schoolwork, the answer to finding more time may lie in your job on campus. Consider asking your financial support system (i.e., your parents) if they can afford for you to take less hours at your job, or quit it altogether. We all love money and the independence it can bring, but if your family can afford for you to go without it, chances are it will benefit your G.P.A..


7. Can You Study In Groups?

I can’t. And the hardest part is telling your friends that you’re going to go in that dark, cold corner, open your Bio book and cry inside of it for the next six and a half hours. Your friends love you. After you tell them you have to study, they will make fun of you for it, but then respect your hustle and let you be. Your friends do not take it personally when you have to study.

Did I miss a hack that saves you a bunch of time? Is there someone you know that could use these tips? Share the article with them! Drop a caret in the comments (^) if you like what you read.

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