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10 Habits Of Healthy People

10 Habits Of Healthy People

Being healthy can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people because in all realness, being healthy doesn’t really have one solid meaning. It doesn’t look the same from person to person and it certainly does not feel the same to each and every one of us. Of course when we think of a ‘healthy person,’ we think of someone, fit, perhaps athletic and in shape.

However, someone who is healthy is someone who is strong, on the inside and on the outside. Being a healthy person does not mean being in top shape or not having a cold, it means being comfortable and confident with you are as a person in all aspects of life, both mentally and physically. Check out these 10 habits healthy people have!

1. Exercise

To be a healthy person, exercise is key, not only for physical fitness but for the health of a strong mind as well. Exercise is an extremely underrated activity when it comes to clearing a boggled head or taking time for yourself. Give yourself at least three hours a week to escape to any exercise you enjoy, maybe its CrossFit or Zumba or a traditional speed walk. Whatever it is, keep in mind that exercise is a really important aspect to keeping yourself in top health both physically and mentally!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

2.  Sleep Well

Can you remember the last time you had a 10+ hour sleep and felt refreshed as hell when you woke up? Neither can I. It’s hard, we’re out here trying to balance work, friends, life, all at the same time and sometimes it feels like there is literally not a moments time to get some rest so we settle with the four hours a night we can squeeze in and forget how bad that actually is for us!

Sleep is such an important part of life and without a decent amount of shut-eye, it’s almost impossible to feel healthy, like ever. So for the sake of your health ladies and gentlemen, go to bed early and allow yourself an extra few hours a night!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

3. Meditate

The most underrated activity on this list BY FAR. Mediate people, trust me. I began meditating every night a few years back and noticed a huge difference in my quality of life. It’s really easy, download an app, stream a YouTube video or lay in silence and just breath. However you choose to do it, you’ll be really happy you decided to give yourself a few minutes a day to unwind and just be still!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

4. Get Up Early

When you wake up early, you feel more energized, less sluggish and can accomplish a lot more in a day then if you slept those extra three hours. It’ll be hard to get used to for about a week or two but if you get up each morning with a purpose, let’s say, if you schedule a gym class, you hold yourself accountable to actually waking up. Eventually, your body will naturally wake up earlier with no hesitation!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

5. Drink Water

Hydration is SO important. If your body becomes dehydrated then you will naturally begin to feel more and more sluggish and have a hard time focusing and staying active. Plus, your appearance will deteriorate, which I’m sure no one wants. Drink as much water as your body tells you it needs and I promise you will feel and look like an extremely healthy person!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

6.  Eat Proper and Eat A Lot

A lot of people think that eating is the enemy and I get why. We’ve been trained for so long that a low carb diet will keep us lean but over time it’s been discovered that eating a lot of the proper food will keep you at maximum health. Don’t be afraid to eat, as long as you’re eating fairly healthy!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

7. Make Plans and See Your Friends

Having a social life is just as important to staying healthy as is alone time with yourself. Making plans gives a person purpose, even if it’s just grabbing coffee with a friend. Being alone all the time isn’t the most ideal so plan a spin class or go for a walk with your besties and get out of your own head!

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10 Habits Of Healthy People

8. Think Positive

I get it, sometimes it’s really hard to stay positive all the time and not let a negative thought in but we have to remember to kick the negativity and focus thoroughly on the positive side of life no matter how hard it may be at any given time. Keeping a positive mind is important for mental health and will result in you being a much happier, less fearful person!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

9. Avoid Toxins

Avoiding toxins of any kind is easier said than done but it’s something every person on this planet can work on. Whether it be a toxic relationship, an un-motivating friend or fast food addictions, find what your toxin is and control it!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

10. Believe In Yourself

The key to happiness and health in this beautiful life is to believe in your damn self. Yes, it’s hard but when you believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless. Allow the positivity to flow through your veins and you will be the healthiest version of yourself!

10 Habits Of Healthy People

Did these 10 habits that healthy people have inspire you? Let us know in the comments!

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