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5 Habits For An Organized Morning Routine

5 Habits For An Organized Morning Routine

The best way to obtain a productive day is to have an organized morning routine. It isn’t easy to wake up one morning and be organized to perfection. However, with time and a routine, you will be there in no time. Every morning routine is different and depends on the lifestyle you live.

Therefore, one routine doesn’t fit all, and you should never expect that. For this reason, we hope these five habits will help you create a more organized morning routine. 

1. Regular Wake Up Call

The first habit to accomplish when establishing an organized morning routine is to set a regular time to wake up. For example, waking up every day at 8 am sharp to start your day. Included in this habit is the idea to calculate the number of hours you need to sleep. It is recommended that the average young adult gets around seven to nine hours of sleep.

We acknowledge that as a student, this might be very difficult to accomplish. If you can obtain a good night’s rest you can use your alarm clock on your phone to schedule the sleep required. For instance, if you have an iPhone, the bedtime feature on the clock app allows you to calculate what time you need to be in bed by to get the nine hours of sleep.  By waking up at the same time every day, you are setting your brain into a routine. 

5 Habits For An Organized Morning Routine

2. Workout

We have placed working out as a part of your organized morning routine because some people find it helpful to work out before their day begins. If this does not apply to you, then you can ignore this habit and keep scrolling down this list. However, working out is known to help pump your blood and keep you more energized which is a great way to start your day after a nice long sleep. Working out in the morning is also easier as there are not that many people at the early hours of the gym, so you have more equipment for yourself.

5 Habits For An Organized Morning Routine

3. Administrative Work

A great habit for an organized morning routine is, to begin with, administrative work. Since you are still pretty sleepy in the morning, it is always nice to slowly make your way into the grind work of your job/ tasks for the day. It’s also the task that you can accomplish while eating your breakfast or drinking your first cup of coffee.

Administrative work includes answering emails, sending emails, checking up on calls you need to make, making a to-do list of the tasks you need to complete that day, or even reviewing your notes before class. 

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5 Habits For An Organized Morning Routine

4. Urgent Tasks

After the administrative work is complete, the next step for your organized morning routine is to complete the tasks that are urgent or need your attention ASAP. Now that you are fully awake and ready to work, you should focus on the tasks that need your attention as soon as possible. This may include editing an assignment before submitting it, working on an assignment that you need to send to group members, or even going to appointments such as meetings with professors or administrative coordinators. Once you get the urgent tasks out of the way, you can sit back and work on other homework without worrying about anything. 

5. Deadlines

A good habit for an organized morning routine is to divide your work based on deadlines. Similar to urgent tasks, you want to complete the assignments or projects that are due first. For instance, if you have an assignment due October 1st and another due September 22nd, you are going to want to work on the assignment that has the closest due date. Even if one assignment is easier than the other, you should work on the one that has the closest deadline, as you never know if you need to talk with a professor, another student or need to add more content. 

5 Habits For An Organized Morning Routine

An organized morning routine is essential for students as it will help them accomplish much more during their academic career. Which of these five habits do you want to work on first? Comment down below!

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