6 Gym Hairstyles That Slay While Staying in Place

Gym hairstyles run quite the spectrum, from the fancy braided ‘do to the ever-loyal messy bun. While the gym is a place to focus and push your body to the limits, it’s not a place void of creativity. The perfect gym hairstyle is one that is both empowering and practical, cute and secure. Here are six ways to spice up your daily gym hair routine:

1. Boxer Braids

For the perfect style that stays in place (and simultaneously slays), go for the boxer braids. To start, part your hair down the center. Gather three sections close to your hairline, and cross the left and right strands under the middle section. Then, take a thin strand of hair from the hairline, and add it to the left section, crossing that piece under the middle one again. Follow the same steps on the right side. Continue this process, directing the braid to the nape of the neck, and then shift into a normal braid. Now, get your gloves, and get to work!

2. Space Buns

A growing pop-culture trend, space buns are making appearances from the red carpet to the treadmill. For the perfect gym hairstyle, throw in two under-braids for added security. Lean forward, allowing your hair to fall over your face while gathering a thin section of hair from the nape of your neck on one side. Do a normal braid for two cross-overs, and then begin adding hair to the left and right strands as you braid. Continue to the top of your head before twisting your bun into place, securing with bobby pins. Repeat the process on the other side for a funky look that can take you from spin class to the town!

3. Spicy Pony

Ah, the ponytail. Perhaps the most recognized, versatile gym hairstyle of them all, there’s no way we can avoid the tried and true. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to vamp up your look, go for the partly braided pony. Simply gather your hair to a desired height on your head, and secure with an elastic. For extra oomph, wrap a thin piece of hair around the elastic to conceal the band, tucking and pinning the end under the pony tail. Form a small, loose braid down one of the sides of the pony tail, securing with a clear elastic at the end. Pull out a few pieces along your hairline to frame your face, or throw on a hat to stay stylish during an outdoor workout!

4. Voluminous Pony

Sue us! We can’t part with the pony just yet, especially when this style gives us such volume and added security. Pulling out a few pieces to frame the face, keep the hair up top as relaxed and loose as possible. Create a big, swooping normal braid starting at the center of your hairline, allowing you hair’s natural wave and body to peak through. Secure the high pony with an elastic, being sure not to tug or pull at the hair on top. Spray and slay the day, ladies!

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5. Thick Dutch Braid

Who doesn’t want to look like Elsa the ice princess in the heat of the gym? To achieve this look, brush your hair straight back and gather a section from the hairline that spans the width of your forehead. Split this section into three identical strands, and begin a normal braid to anchor the style. Then, begin adding thin sections of hair to the right strand before crossing it under the middle section. Do the same on the left. Don’t be afraid to play with the braid at the end, pulling some sections to loosen it up and make it appear fuller and more voluminous. Hit Pi-Yo in style!

6. Never Abandon the Messy Bun

All of the styles are flirty ways to glam up the daily grind, but never underestimate the beauty of yourself, your makeup-free glistening face, and the imperfect perfection of the messy bun. What matters is the powerful way in which you are taking ownership over your health and fitness journey, making each session count– be it in the messy bun or Dutch braid.

Which gym hairstyle will you be trying? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: Instagram, @mygymhair
Taylor Covington

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