10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

 If carrying your bag to the gym feels more like a workout that your actual gym routine it may be time to search for a new bag. From 5am workouts to late bulking sessions the last thing you should be worrying about is having a mediocre gym bag. Sure, you could shove your yoga pants, sneakers, and water bottle into your purse, but no one wants to be the girl with an overstuffed handbag. Hang up the flimsy, unstylish tote you got for free from last year’s Sephora sale.

Working out should be fun and when you have a fun gym bag to motivate you it makes hitting the gym that much easier. Why shouldn’t you have a gym bag that is as cute as that new lulu’s your rocking? My friends, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too (after your workout of course).  Here are 10 gym bags you need that are actually cute. 

1. Dagne Dover

Landon Carryall XS – $125


Get ready for the perfect sidekick for your hustle. The Landon carryall bag is the perfect addition to your gym bag collection. This bag has one small compartment where you carry all your essential gym bag necessities. With a slot for your phone/ID, a detachable air mesh pocket, and laptop sleeve this bag is great for all your boss ladies on the go. Available in a variety of colors, this bag is a must. Still not sold? Dage Dover also lets you break it into smaller payments leaving more money in your pocket for your after gym starbucks- you know who you are! 

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10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

2. Nike 

Radiate $60

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

You’ll never worry about mixing up your gym bag with someone else’s. The Nike radiate backpack is a stunning white complimented by neon stripes. In addition to helping you stand out from the crowd, this bag offers ample space for you to keep all of your belongings. With roll-top and zippered pockets, this bag will be your new go-to for all your gym swag. 

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10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

3. Aurorae

Yoga Matt Bag $35

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

Where are all my fellow yogis at? This adorable bag is perfect for those of you who are cramming in a quick yoga sesh before you head home. With a yoga matt compartment, this bag is a great way to store your things without having to carry around a large and bulky bag. Sling this gym bag over your shoulder as you bike to work with the convenient over the shoulder strap. This bag also includes several pockets for storage, a phone compartment, and plenty of storage space. It is available in a variety of colors on Amazon. 

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10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

4. Adidas By Stella McCartney

Convertible Bag $99

I hope your ready because your mind is about to be blown. The Adidas By Stella McCartney bag is a convertible two in one gym bag. Don’t need a full backpack? Great, stuff it in the bottom portion and use it as a fanny pack. When used as a backpack this gym bag is spacious and stylish. This bag is perfect for runners who may need to pack light but need room for essentials like water!
10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute


Waterproof Backpack $15

Why fix what ain’t broke? Classic and stylish the drawstring gym bags have won over everyone’s hearts and there is a reason for it. Completely waterproof, this bag will protect your belongings, rain or shine. Choose from a variety of colors – our favorite is purple!

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute


Go-getter Bag $148

So fresh. So clean. This lululemon bag is perfect for the early gym-goers. With a pocket to hold a heated hair straighter and plenty of storage space going from the gym to work is that much easier. This adorable bag is available in two colors we know that you will love it! 

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

7. Baboon Gym Duffle


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This fun and fashion-forward bag are perfect for the gym. With this spacious bag, you can fit your shoes, a change of clothes, a water bottle and so much more. Pair it with your favorite peacoat. No one ever said you can’t look fashionable when you go to the gym. This stunning bag is available in several different colors. Give it a try we know you will fall in love with it!

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

8. UA Motivator Tote 


The women UA motivator tote is a great choice when it comes to gym bags. With plenty of room for clothing and other gym necessities, this bag could very well be the one for you. It includes an exterior mesh pocket, interior storage and a design that appeals to the eye. The Zip closure with looped puller works as a hand strap for easy carrying making it even easier to travel from your home to the gym. What are you waiting for? Get yours while you still can!

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

9. Nike AF1 Tote


As breathable as your hot yoga outfit, the AF1 tote bag from Nike is a must. With a fun and sporty look, this bag is large enough to fit all your stuff without taking up all the room in your handbag. Totally unique, the bag is one any gym lover would love. One thing we do know is that you will always look great rocking turquoise!

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

10. Transience

Impulse Mesh


Nothing says sporty-chic like this gorgeous gym bag which includes a padded shoulder strap. Long gone are the days where wearing your gym bag over your shoulder weighs you down. This bag is super comfortable and sleek. Complete with an interior pouch to hold your makeup and backup hair ties. We know you’ll need them. 

10 Gym Bags You Need That Are Actually Cute

Most of these bags are affordable, practical and stylish. These can also double as overnight bags, weekenders, beach bags, and grocery sacks. The sky is the limit. Working out should be fun and with one of these amazing gym bags showing off has never been more. Grab your shoes because this work out you are showing up in style! 

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