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10 Gym Bag Essentials For Your Next Workout

10 Gym Bag Essentials For Your Next Workout

With the new year right around the corner, many people will be making and trying to stick to New Year resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to go to the gym more and live a healthier life. While this seems to be everyone’s plan, not many actually make it past February. The key to sticking to your new fitness routine is getting the right equipment and gym bag essentials. Getting accessories that are useful and are also cute will make you excited to put them to use and therefore keep you more motivated.  Pick up these items and you might stick to your resolution at least until April!

1. A Gym Bag

The first workout essential to get you to the gym is a gym bag- you’ll have to put all your items in something. If you’re going to spend money on a gym bag, you should get a cute one that fits your style. It’ll make you want to use it more.




2. A Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while working out is so important. Using a reusable water bottle will not only save money but it’s also healthier and safer.

3. A Workout Mat

Having your own workout mat can serve many uses. It allows for home workouts for those busy days when you can’t make it to the gym. It also means that you don’t have to use the ones at the gym that are most likely covered in other people’s sweat and germs.




4. A Pair Of Ear Buds

Listening to music while working out will help you push yourself and work out harder. It also makes the time go by faster and makes the horrible idea of running a little better. Keep a pair in your gym bag so you’ll never find yourself without a pair.


5. Hair Ties

One of the most annoying things when going to the gym is forgetting an elastic to tie your hair up. No one wants to be sweating and have their hair stick to their face and get in the way of efficiently working out. To combat this issue, always keep extra hair ties in your gym bag in order to ensure you can put your hair in a ponytail and keep it out of the way. The no crease hair ties are not only comfy, but also cute.



6. A Hair Brush

Combat those after sweat-sesh tangles and leave the gym looking somewhat decent. Keep a hair brush in your bag to freshen up after working out, or use it before to help put your hair up into a ponytail or a bun.

7. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great thing to have in your gym bag. Throw this in there and you’ll never have to worry about what your hair will look like after working out again. Spray a few spritzes in your hair and you’ll go from greasy hair to workout chic.

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8. Face Wipes

No one likes to feel dirty and sweaty longer than they have to, so keep cleansing face wipes in your bag to feel refreshed right after your workout. Not only will you feel cleaner right away but it will also take out a good portion of the dirt you built up during your sweat-sesh and prevent your pores from clogging up even more and causing breakouts. The real volcanic clay in the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Facial Towelettes Volcanic Clay facial wipes will help take out all those impurities.



9. Always Have Deodorant On Hand

This one is a no-brainer. Keep deodorant in your bag to stay fresh and prevent either underarm sweating or the smells that come with it. Deodorant is also useful if you shower at the gym after working out. Either way, it’s pretty essential for your gym bag.


10. A Pair Of Slides

Some gyms prefer you to not wear the sneakers that you use on the equipment outside as well. Even if your gym doesn’t necessarily care, slides can come in handy in other ways. Whether you wear them after working out to let your feet breathe, or in the dirty gym showers, they have many uses.

10 Gym Bag Essentials
Can you think of any more gym bag essentials for your workout? Let us know down below!
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