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The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

After downloading Hinge, you’ll quickly find the same profiles pop up again and again during your search for love. Keep reading to discover the 10 types of guys you see on Hinge.

1. The Jock

Bio: Logan, 23, 5’8

Job: Sales Representative

My group chat is probably blowing up about… “our fantasy NFL/NHL/MLB draft.”

My ideal date is… “watching baseball in the sun.”

You should *not* go out with me if… “you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run.”

Types of Photos: Him at a football game with his buddies, dutifully wearing his ball cap in the bar and wearing a team jersey to a family barbeque.

Pros: Hinge profiles that are sports heavy can be daunting but sporting events actually make excellent dates. There’s always beer and popcorn and if you run out of things to talk about he’ll love explaining the more obscure rules.

Cons: The love he has for his favorite player will never compare to the love he has for you. He’ll cry when his team loses the big game but probably not when you break up with him.

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

2. ‘The Office’ Obsessive

Bio: Andy, 27, 5’10

Job: Assistant Manager at Dunder Mifflin

I’m looking for… “someone to watch *insert sitcom here* (The Office/ Arrested Development/ Friends etc.)”

My ideal date is… “cuddled up watching TV and eating pizza”

Change my mind about… “Dwight being the best character on The Office.”

Types of Photos: Dressed up as a TV character for Halloween, wearing a punny graphic tee and buried in a group pic with 20 other guys.

Pros: Who doesn’t love funny shows, pizza and cuddling on the couch?

Cons: No matter how many times he quotes the show to you he’ll never really be John Krasinski

3. The Finance Guy

Bio: Tanner, 32, 5’7

Job: Hedge Fund Analyst

My mantra is… “If you want to be rich, never give up.”

My ideal date is… “drink at *insert trendy bar name here*”

I get along best with people who… “work hard and play harder.”

Types of Photos: In a three-piece suit at the bar, not smiling in designer sunglasses and lounging on a sailboat.

Pros: Your friends will be very jealous of the great restaurants he’ll take you to.

Cons: Your dates are more about impressing his colleagues than being romantic so don’t expect a home-cooked meal or casual night in.

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

4. The One-Word Answer

Bio: Harry, 35, 5’5

Job: Employed

I’m looking for… “a girlfriend ”

My ideal date is… “a movie.”

I go crazy for… “food.”

Types of Photos: Just close up photos of his face.

Pros: Maybe he’s super sweet and new to dating apps?

Cons: Does this guy not understand the point of Hinge? If he can’t put in the effort to set up a profile he can’t put in the effort for a relationship.

5. The Animal Lover

Bio: Conner, 26, 6’0

Job: Volunteer at The Humane Society

I’m looking for… “someone who wants to adopt 100 pets in the future ”

My ideal date is… “a day at the dog park.”

You should *not* go out with me if… “you’re allergic to dogs.”

Types of Photos: Either cuddling with his dog or just solo pictures of his dog.

Pros: All the joy of having a pet without any of the responsibility.

Cons: You honestly just liked his Hinge profile because the dog was cute and now you can never leave him because you’re in love with his dog.

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

6. The Gym Rat

Bio: Blake, 29, 5’6

Job: Personal Trainer

My mantra is… “no pain, no gain.”

My ideal date is… “couples boxing.”

You should *not* go out with me if… “you don’t work out every day.”

Types of Photos: Shirtless mirror selfie, flexing in a tank top and another shirtless mirror selfie.

Pros: Dating them is like getting a free gym membership! They’ll help you work on your form and give you some great new exercises to try.

Cons: What their Hinge profile doesn’t tell you is how crazy their diet is. After two weeks of steamed veggies and chicken breasts galore, all you’ll want to eat is chips and pizza.

7. The Hipster

Bio: Toby, 30, 5’3

Job: Barista at Veggie Bakery

I’m looking for… “someone ”

My ideal date is… “supporting an indie artist performing at the coffee shop.”

Share your ranking… “of the best small-batch breweries in town.”

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Types of Photos: Candids in front of graffiti, a serious black and white showing off their tattoos and them standing near a skateboard.

Pros: You’ll be exposed to new food and music, and you’ll surprisingly like most of it.

Cons: You thought Hipsters had started to disappear but unfortunately you still have to read Hinge profiles explaining why kombucha isn’t as good now that it’s mainstream.

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

8. The Mamas Boy

Bio: Charlie, 21, 5’10

Job: Student

My mantra is… “Family over everything.”

My ideal date is… “a dinner party with all our friends.”

I get along best with people who… “love a big family!”

Types of Photos: Smiling with his Mom, a family snap in all their ugly Christmas sweaters and picture from their last family vacation.

Pros: A Mama’s Boy will always listen to you, be in touch with his emotions and respect your opinions.

Cons: A Mama’s Boy will also repeat everything you say to his Mom.

9. The Outdoorsman

Bio: Chase, 32, 6’1

Job: Freelance Photographer

I’m looking for… “someone who wants to travel and explore off the beaten path.”

My ideal date is… “a hike in the mountains.”

You should *not* go out with me if… “you don’t love adventure and trying new things.”

Types of Photos: Amazing pictures from one of his hikes, a surfing shot from his last vacation and pictures of him and his buddies swimming by a waterfall.

Pros: Going on adventures with someone is a great way to bond and you’ll finally make more time to spend in nature.

Cons: You realize you’re not as adventurous as you thought when he takes you camping for a week and mosquitos eat you alive.

The 10 Guys You See On Hinge

10. The Husband in Waiting

Bio: Tom, 33, 5’8

Job: Recruiter

I’m looking for… “someone to make me delete this app.”

My ideal date is… “trying something neither of us has tried before.”

I go crazy for… “people who can make me laugh, or who will laugh at my terrible dad jokes.”

Types of Photos: Smiling and approachable picture with his friends, a fun picture from university and absolutely no shirtless pictures.

Pros: This is the reason you got Hinge, to get away from the players on the other dating apps. Enjoy a serious relationship!

Cons: These guys are on the hunt for a wife so if you’re not ready for something serious stay away.

Do you recognize any of these types? Comment below the guys you’ve come across on Hinge.

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