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Guys, Here’s How To Tell What She REALLY Means

Guys, Here’s How To Tell What She REALLY Means

Communications can be the downfall or rise of a relationship. Guys, listen up. Here is how to tell what she really means and how to react.

Let’s be real here, your guy friends come to YOU for advice on women or maybe your own boyfriend just doesn’t seem to understand you the way you want him to. Want to avoid the awkward questioning or help your bf better understand the things you say? Send this article their way. Here are things women say decoded so that men can finally understand.

Guys, Here's How To Tell What She REALLY Means

1. “IDK You pick”

She wants food and is indecisive af, but she is also expecting you to pay attention to what she likes to eat. You can never go wrong with spots she frequents or surprise her with reservations to that new restaurant she’s been talking about. Not only does it show that you were paying attention, but it shows your simplistic, romantic side as well.

2. “K”

If you get “K” as a response after a decently long text message, chances are she isn’t too invested in the conversation or she is busy as the moment. If there is a chance she is at work or something along those lines, do not blow up her phone. But also do not freak out if she sends you a “k”. If you said something that would make her angry, “K” means she probably isn’t too happy with you. Let her cool off or apologize for whatever it is you may have done.

Guys, Here's How To Tell What She REALLY Means

3. “I’m on my period.”

A woman in a relationship usually says this not as a casual thing, but more so a statement. She wants it to be known that she might be a bit more on edge with her hormones acting up and as a surprise, treating her to chocolate and a massage might help.

4. “Yah we should totally hang out, not now though.”

Sorry bud, but chances are when a girl says no to plans she either is super busy or is letting you down easy. If she makes it a habit to say no to hanging out, she finds you creepy but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. And if she NEVER responds, she is avoiding you (read receipts are a thing people).

5. “That isn’t what I’m thinking stop assuming.”

But honestly stop, if someone is being frustrated about something, chances are you’re annoying them more then anything. Guys and girls are very different in that respect and assuming what someone is thinking is a messy situation in general.

5. “You are a really nice guy, but I’m just looking to focus on me.”

She claims not to be wanting to be in a relationship, but doesn’t want to let you down hard.

Guys, Here's How To Tell What She REALLY Means

6. “That looks good.” “Wow I really wish I had that.”

She’s hungry and wants you to share or she’s hoping/wishing you would buy said thing (take notes it can be helpful during holidays for ideas).

7. “I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”

No, she just doesn’t see you as anything more.

8. “Wait so I’m just wondering? Did you ever have a crush on me?”

She just got out of a relationship and is looking to rebound. She is craving the attention more than you. If she continues to show interest after a bit, then it is real. Isuggest that you she gives herself time to heal.

9. “I’m fine.”

This can be tricky, because sometimes this is a window to ask/reassure that she is actually fine because the tone says it all. But this could also mean she wants alone time to cool down. If she actually presses that she is fine, do not continue the issue. This could make her “un-fine” very quickly.

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Guys, Here's How To Tell What She REALLY Means

10. “I really want to hang out with you, but I’m bringing a friend.”

This is a good thing, not only does it show she’s interested, but also that she is nervous enough around you that she wants the friend to be a middle speaker.

11. “Becky and I are going to go to the bathroom really quick.”

She needs her friend’s help and advice, most likely about you. So again, this is a good thing. She want to make sure you are taking notice when you both talk and she wants to make a good impression.

Compliment her on how she dressed up, or if it looks like her makeup is a bit more prominent then usual, let her know you noticed. She didn’t get ready for no reason.

Guys, Here's How To Tell What She REALLY Means

These quotes are heard and told every single day, but unfortunately “girl talk” does not translate well. Use this new sense of knowledge to your advantage to better understand your female friend/girlfriend.

Are there still things that women say that you don’t understand!? Share in the comments below!

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