Guy’s Guide To Surviving Your Girlfriend’s Time Of The Month

Every month your girl is going to experience the discomfort of getting her period. This will not only affect her body, but her emotions and how she mentally feels. Be aware that the pain that comes with period cramps is not something easy to bare when you have lots of work to do, children to take care of or long days of studying which could cause your girl to be grumpy.

Also, since a woman’s body during this time of the month needs extra energy to perform all of its regular activities your significant other might be extra tired which could lead to being more sensitive. Taking a few considerations during this time of the month can turn you into the boyfriend or husband of the year! We are here to help you out with a few things you could do to survive your girl’s periods instead of running from them and getting that award you deserve.

1. Track it down with her

A great way to be synchronized with your partner his getting a period tracking up. This type of apps helps your girl to know when her period is coming and will also help you out knowing when that time of the month is back.

It’s also a great way to prepare yourself mentally for that time, gain some more patience and be ready for that unpleasant visit in your girlfriends’ body.Guy’s Guide To Surviving Your Girlfriend’s Time Of The Month

2. Be attentive and flexible

There’s nothing worse than being on those days where you feel like your body is trying to kill you and having an unsupportive boyfriend. And no, we don’t mean you need to be at her doorstep 24/7. What we mean is being a true gentleman during that time of her month, for example, if she is out of tampons don’t get mad if she asks you to run to the store and get more.

Or if you are sleeping and she wakes up with a stain don’t make fun or laugh at her, on the contrary, bring her a change of clothes and take care of the situation like a man.

Guy’s Guide To Surviving Your Girlfriend’s Time Of The Month

3. Learn about what is happening

It’s super important that you know what is happening with her body and mind. Each girl is different, but there are some common things we share during our period times.

Talk to her, ask questions about what she tends to feel or what tends to happen during that time, be open-minded about it and don’t ever say that is super gross what is happening because that won’t make us feel any better.

Guy’s Guide To Surviving Your Girlfriend’s Time Of The Month

4. Try and surprise her

If you know that a specific brand of chocolate is her favorite, then bring it to her out of the blue. Or maybe she likes flowers and you can send some to her office just to brighten her day.

Small details from the person we love can make a huge difference while our uterus is having a war inside our body. You can also invite her to a surprise date where you guys can just watch a movie or cuddle and have her favorite snacks.

Guy’s Guide To Surviving Your Girlfriend’s Time Of The Month

5. Ask questions

Text her every now and then during her period asking how she is feeling or if there is anything you could do to help. Maybe she will get angry for no reason, don’t get mad at her, remember is not easy to be all happy and rainbows while your body is shedding blood. Try instead to talk to her and reason out, or maybe just tell her that you can talk when she cools down.

Instead, if she is moody and cries about the most insignificant things don’t ridicule her, hug her or kiss her to make her know you are there to help. It’s always important to ask her what’s happening inside her head to get a better understanding of how to deal with period time.

Guy’s Guide To Surviving Your Girlfriend’s Time Of The Month

Follow this simple guide during that time of the month and be ready to become superstar boyfriend of the year!

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