10 Guys Dorm Room Ideas That Will Impress Any Girl

Looking to impress someone with your room without really knowing where to start? Here are 10 great decor ideas for guys’ dorm rooms!

1. Lighting

One of the easiest ways to impress someone is by paying attention to lighting! You can swap your plain ceiling fixtures for something more modern or intricate, or decorate your dorm with a functional lamp by your bedside. This can add a pop of colour to your room. You might even want to dim your lights for a cosier and more romantic feel, or perhaps brighten them to establish a lighter and airier vibe.

10 Guys Dorm Room Ideas That Will Impress Any Girl

2. Photographs

Framed photographs in a guy’s dorm room creates a really thoughtful atmosphere. Whether they’re photos of family, friends or a beloved pet, this is a sure way to grab someone’s attention and start a conversation. Paying attention to the kind of frame you’re buying is also important. See what colours match your dorm: white wood, brown oak and metal all have their merits!

3. Bookshelves

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll need shelves to store all of your books! This is a great way to make your dorm look organised. You and your guests can easily find which novels or collections you’re looking for, and will prevent your floor from looking cluttered. Displaying your books will also show-off your personality to your guests!

10 Guys Dorm Room Ideas That Will Impress Any Girl

4. Colour

Don’t let your dorm stay grey and bare! People love to see colour; it excites them and draws in their attention. You don’t have to go overboard here, though! Try decorating your dorm with a colourful lamp shade, duvet or study space. You’ll be impressed with how much brighter your room will look!

5. Art

Hanging artwork or posters on your walls is a great way to gain inspiration and give your dorm more personality. Maybe you’re looking for an intricate wallpaper to make your living space look more exciting. Maybe you want to hang up some old movie posters to make it feel a little more ‘you.’ Either way, decorating your dorm with artwork is a great way to feel at home and impress people!

10 Guys Dorm Room Ideas That Will Impress Any Girl

6. Gym equipment

Maybe you work out a bit (or just like people to think that you do). A great way to include exercise in your daily routine is by keeping gym equipment in your dorm! This doesn’t have to be anything big. Dragging a few weights out from under your bed is a great way to start your day, or to convince people that you’re committed to a life of fitness.

7. Plants

Again, you don’t have to go overboard on this decor idea! Having a few plants, or just one lonely cactus, milling around your dorm will make it look more energetic. Plants will add a touch of life and colour to your dorm, and will give you something to care for during the semester.

10 Guys Dorm Room Ideas That Will Impress Any Girl

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8. Sentimental items

Do you have certificates, cards or trophies lurking somewhere deep in storage? Maybe you’ve hidden away a special letter, or the cash you made from your first ever job. Why not frame, or just outright display, some of these items? They’ll show off your accomplishments to your guests and will make you feel confident in your own room!

9. Travel souvenirs

If you’ve recently gone travelling, a great way to remember all of the cities you’ve visited is by placing your photographs, postcards and railway tickets on your walls! This will fill your dorm with wanderlust and will inspire anyone you invite over.

10 Guys Dorm Room Ideas That Will Impress Any Girl

10. Mini Fridge

Finally, if you’re a uni student who likes big nights out with friends, or the occasional late-night snack, you’ll definitely need a mini fridge! These are super easy to store in dorm rooms and will provide you with all the bevs and nibbles you could ever want—all within a few steps from your bed!

Did these dorm decor ideas impress your special someone? Let us know in the comments below!

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