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Ultimate Guide to the Virginia Tech Party Scene

Ultimate Guide to the Virginia Tech Party Scene

Ultimate Guide to the Virginia Tech Party Scene

You’re probably dying to know what it’s like to be at a college party; when I was your age, I know I was. You also might be wondering what to wear. For the answers to those questions and more, keep reading. Here is the ultimate guide to the Virginia Tech party scene!

What to Wear

Parties can be as casual or as fancy as you make them. Girls wear anything from jean shorts with a cute shirt, to dresses, crop tops or jeans. You can’t really go wrong with what outfit you wear to a party. Do be careful about shoes though; the Virginia Tech campus is huge, so avoid wearing anything too uncomfortable. If you do choose to wear heels or wedges, get an Uber so your feet aren’t in pain!

Pro tip: Also remember that there will be lots of alcohol and drunk people at parties, which means you will get beer spilled on you. It happens. Just make sure whatever clothes/shoes you wear it’s okay to get beer on them.



Many of you will say that you hate beer and refuse to drink it. I hated beer before I went to college, but you have to make yourself like it. Not many parties will have anything other than beer, and it won’t be the best beer in the world.


One of the most important things to do when you decide to go out is PREGAME. This means you start drinking before you get to the party, so you’re already buzzed when you actually get to the party. It makes the whole night more fun. It also definitely helps to be slightly drunk when it’s winter and freezing cold if you’re wearing shorts or a tank top. Plus, you usually make new friends on the bus on the way to the party.

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Meet People

When you’re at a party, have fun and try to talk to people or dance. If you’re single and want to meet someone, ask if they want to dance or just start dancing together. Or if there’s beer pong, you can always casually ask if they want to be on the same team.

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