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Ultimate Guide To Family Weekend At UD

Ultimate Guide To Family Weekend At UD

Assuming you’re not planning on dragging mom and dad to a dage this Saturday, here is the ultimate guide to family weekend at UD, it's going to be memorable!

Family weekend at UD is right around the corner! What better time of year to show off the campus than when UD transforms itself with fall colors & strolling across the quad feels like something out of movie. Assuming you’re not planning on dragging mom and dad to a dage this Saturday, here is the ultimate guide to family weekend at UD, it’s going to be memorable!

1. Go to as many events as possible.

The school wants you & your family to spend the few days you have together making the most out of them. Grab tickets to the Family Fest Tailgate and stop by the Sunday Brunch. Who can say no to football and great food? This is a must that should be on any guide to family weekend at UD!

The Family Fest Tailgate has to make the guide to family weekend at UD!

2. Be your family’s tour guide.

Getting to walk around campus and actually know where you’re going is not something many freshmen could say a month ago. Take your parents by the prettiest parts of campus – the UD fountain for instance – or show off your favorite bench on the green for people watching between classes.


3. Hit up the UDairy Creamery.

Get your ice cream fix before the weather’s too cold. No one can deny UD’s ice cream is that much better than the kind you can get at home. Have you parents try 1923, vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel, in honor of the 90th anniversary of the UD study abroad program. What better excuse to go show off South Campus?

4. Meander down Main.

There are countless options of places to eat on Main Street, anyone of which would be the perfect place to sit down and let your parents know how you’ve been. My personal favorites are Catherine Rooney’s and The Stone Balloon Ale House. Plus, if UDairy wasn’t enough you can stop by Caffé Gelato for the perfect post-dinner dessert.


5. Take a trip to the Christiana Mall.

Having your parents around who want to do whatever they can to make your college experience more enjoyable means a drive to the mall is definitely something you should make time for. Use your shopping spree to stock up on snacks for those midnight cram sessions or to grab the costume essentials you’d otherwise be scrambling for the day before Halloween.


6. Find time for a great show.

Stop by Thompson theatre for an amazing adaptation of Waiting for Godot. If that’s not really your style at Studio theatre. Even Trabant movie theater is an easy activity to add to your list. The point is to make the most of this weekend and make it memorable and going to as many events as possible is one easy way to do that.

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7. Do what YOU want.

This weekend is for you to show off your new home and give your family a peek of your life at college. If that means simply grabbing a bite to eat with your parents and just getting quality time together, then do it! Don’t feel the pressure to have the perfect time or try to outdo the weekend of your friends and their families.


Remember to enjoy and take advantage of a chance to show off your Blue Hen pride!

What events are you planning on attending from this guide to family weekend at UD? Comment below and share the article!
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