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Guide To Budget Clothing Shopping In Hong Kong

Guide To Budget Clothing Shopping In Hong Kong

Budget clothing shopping in Hong Kong is very easy but you must know where to go for the fun stuff. You can find good value for your money in any price range but these rock-bottom prices make this an easy feat. If you are not looking for fancy labels in your clothes, check these spots out:

Fa Yuen Street

On this street located in the bustling Mong Kok district, you can buy clothes either in the brick and mortar stores or in the street market stalls. They shopkeepers stock anything from hand-embroidered cheongsam dresses to frilly cotton pyjamas. I once bought a polka-dot dress in a shop here and found the exact same dress in a store in a mall for double the price! Talk about budget clothing shopping.

Guide To Budget Clothing Shopping In Hong Kong

Wan Chai Market

This market is spread out over a few streets only a few minutes walk from Wan Chai MTR station. Here you can find my favourite 100% linen trousers at delightfully reasonable prices. There is a stall that sells label-less flowery pyjama sets which feel exactly like my Marks & Spencer ones. One wonderful stall sells handmade knitwear and crochet which the stall-keeper makes there everyday. The great thing about shopping in a market is that you can be buying socks whilst enjoying the aromas of hot food then turn around to find a sprawling flower stall. However, beware of stalls with unmarked prices because stall-keepers tend to give you prices with the assumption that you will bargain. Budget clothing shopping might backfire if you don’t know the general price range of things.

Stanley Market

This market is right by the beach on Hong Kong island. You can get there by bus and spend a whole day there! The covered stalls of Stanley Market sells clothing with groovy prints as well as pure linen. These simple pieces make for great essentials in comfortable fabrics. You may also find beautiful wood beans and other fun fashion accessories. If you can avoid the tourist traps this is a great spot for budget clothing shopping.

Guide To Budget Clothing Shopping In Hong Kong

Lai Chi Kok

The Hong Kong Industrial Centre is a wholesale market for clothes but they will sell individual pieces to shoppers too. Of course, the more you buy the cheaper it will be per item so bring a few friends with similar taste. Many of these clothes are Korean style, some are very frilly, and there are some great shops that exclusively sell linen clothes. If you like the style of the clothes there, you will most likely spend hours trying to get through all the stores.

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Guide To Budget Clothing Shopping In Hong Kong

Discovery Bay Sunday Market

These markets happen once a month depending on the weather so if you are lucky enough to be there on a sunny Sunday, check this market out. There is one particular stall that sells the artists’ own prints on cute pyjama shirts. One lady sews her own bags and small accessories from beautiful fabrics with interesting designs. You probably won’t run into anybody with the same clothes as you if you get them ¬†from here.

If you are making a trip to Hong Kong soon, make sure you leave some space for the clothes you may be bringing home. Since it is so easy to get around Hong Kong, Kowloon, and Lantau Island on the MTR, and because the fares are so low, following this list is a great way to explore as a tourist. However, keep in mind that even though these clothes are a great price, not to buy more than what you need for the sake of the planet and your closet space.

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