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Guide To Being Single At UofT

When you’re in university, you become immersed in one giant dating pool consisting of thousands of young adults with raging hormones. That’s especially true when you consider that the University of Toronto has around 70,000 undergraduate students, and other colleges and universities are nearby, downtown. Navigating through all of this can be difficult, but keep reading for a little guide to help you manage being single at UofT!


1. Being single at UofT means: YOU DO YOU!

You might see a lot of your friends starting to find themselves in relationships, or a lot of your peers desperate to find someone to get together with, but what’s the rush? Don’t panic, you have your entire life to be in a relationship, and university is a great time to be single. These four years are crucial to shaping who you are and who you’re going to be, so there’s no need to waste that time molding to fit the needs of a significant other. It also means you won’t be that annoying couple at Robarts practically sitting on top of each other making disgusting kissing noises, while everyone else is just trying to study and get themselves somewhere in life…

2. Don’t fear casual hookups!

Just because you’re single at UofT doesn’t mean you can’t get your fair share of action. It’s proven that sex has great benefits for your health and well being, and that’s probably why safe, consensual sex if often promoted at UofT. If you’re living in residence, most dons always have protection supplies available to ensure everything goes smoothly, and if not you can visit UofT’s Sexual Education Center for free condoms. As mentioned before, there are lots of people in your dating range nearby while you’re in university, so feel free to take advantage of it- there is nothing to be ashamed of! It also helps that there is such a big student population, so you may not have to run into that one night stand ever again…


3. Enjoy time with friends!

People always say that the friends you make at university are the friends you’ll have for the rest of your life. However, that’s only going to be true if you spend a lot of your time with them, as opposed to being locked up in a room with your significant other. So, sing karaoke with your girls at the Fox and Fiddle, laugh with your boys in a booth at the Maddy, dance the night away with your crew at the Dance Cave, play games at Einsteins with your friends, and join that fraternity or sorority you’ve being eyeing all year. This way, when you look back over your time at UofT, you’ll have dozens of incredible memories with your buddies, and that’s something you’ll never regret.

4. Focus on school instead of heartbreak.

This one seems a little boring and something you’d hear from your mom, but we both know that mom is always right. Sure, relationships have some benefits… but they also have a lot of downfalls. With a relationship comes petty fights about people taking too long to text back, drama about that girl he was in a picture with, and arguments about how close she seems to be with her class mate who is ‘just a friend’. Take away the relationship, and take away all of that aggravation. All those hormones I was talking about just blow everything out of proportion, so it’s better to save the relationships for when you’re older and more mature.

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After all, as a student at arguably the hardest university in Canada, you don’t have time to worry about those little things. When you’re not at one of the 44 libraries spread across the three campuses, you should be blowing off steam with your pals- so just stay away from all that drama!


5. Being single at UofT means saying yes to everything!

Ok, maybe not everything (some of those Tinder descriptions are just too creepy), but when you’re single and live away from your family, you have no one to answer to but yourself. This is a very unique situation that may not occur again in your lifetime, so enjoy it while you can. Join that origami club (yes, we have one), go to that frat party with your dorm friends, cheer loud for the blues when you’re dragged to a varsity game, take part in that performance at Hart House Theatre…the list goes on and on. Do you know what you can do with all the time you’re saving not being with a significant other? Get the absolute most out of your university experience while being single at UofT!

What tips do you have for being single at UofT? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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