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Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at Providence College

Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at Providence College

The party scene at Providence College is an experience like no other. If you're not sure where to begin, follow this guide to have the time of your life!

We all know that partying is a part of college. Most schools across the nation have some sort of party scene, but each campus is a little different. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to the party scene at Providence College!

1. Pregaming is a must.

Let’s be real, that’s usually the best part of the night.

2. Suites is the place to be…

Unless you have an apartment.


3. If Eaton Street is lit, head down there!!!

But if it’s not, you’ll look ridiculous and everyone will judge you.

4. You need to know someone to get into on campus parties.

And if you don’t, please don’t try to pretend you go to Providence College. It’s lame and we can tell.

5. No matter the weather, shorts or a tank top is the move.

…unless you want to sweat your ass off when you’re drunk.


6. Two words: Golf. Party.

7. Nobody remembers Spring Concerts.

8. If you weren’t ratchet at Friarball…

You probably weren’t there.

9. Try not to get into a rut.

Doing the same thing with the same people every weekend can get really boring. Branch out and meet new people…that’s what parties are for!

10. Everyone knows you’re drunk.

There’s really no need to proclaim it to the world.


11. When you yell “Go Friars,” people will cheer.

So…always yell go Friars (even when you’re not at PC)!

12. If it’s raining, don’t bother going to Eaton.

It’s not worth it!! You’ll just end up cold and sober.

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13. Score free mixers.

Get ‘take 3’ on the Fridays before you go out to get good mixers for freeee.

14. If you’re going to break parietals, tell your roommates first.


15. Go to Yuk Truck or Big Tony’s.

Truly the only way to end the night on a high note.


16. BE COOL when you see your hall director in the dorm.

But NEVER try to have a conversation that lasts more than 2 minutes, or you’ll probably get written up.

17. Your mini fridge is the best place to hide your alcohol.

18. Enjoy this while you’re young.

Take advantage of being safe at Providence College and live it up on the weekends (and the occasional weekday)!

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