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A Guide To Eating At The University Of Utah

A Guide To Eating At The University Of Utah

It is essential to know what options you have when it comes to the best part of the day: mealtime. Here's a guide to eating at the University of Utah!

One of the most daunting things about going to college is deciding how you are going to feed yourself! When planning to live on campus, it is essential to know what options you have when it comes to the best part of the day: mealtime. But don’t worry! Keep reading for a guide to eating at the University of Utah!

Know your dining plan options at the University of Utah:

Students can decide between three meal plans: the Residential, the Block, and Dining Dollars. Deciphering the pros and cons of the meal plans is probably the last thing you’re interested in doing, so I’ve done the dirty work!

The Residential Meal Plan

The Residential is great for students who are living on campus for the semester. Students can choose the number of meals they are allotted each semester. Students also get three “guest” meals per semester, so you can treat a visitor! The Residential plan is only to be used at the PHC Dining Hall. Students do get “dining dollars” included in the Residential, and those can be used at any dining service on campus!



The Block Meal Plan

The Block is a meal plan that is set up “buffet style” and students can purchase between 10-75 meals per semester. The uneaten meals don’t expire at the end of the semester, but your account will close if it is inactive for more than six months!

PRO: There are no limits to the number of meals you buy for a guest. The account holder just as to be present at the time of purchase!


CON: This meal plan can only be used at the PHC Dining Hall.


Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars is easily the favorite of many students! There are virtually no restrictions on where you can eat! Purchase Dining Dollars at any point during the semester, and they work just like cash at any of the 12 dining services around campus. Plus, if you purchase more than $150, you get an extra 10% added back to the card you paid with. Students with dining dollars can eat at The Union, PHC, The Library, HSEB, Annex, OSH, Student Life Center, Honors Housing, Law Building.


CON: Dining dollars are nonrefundable.


Hot Meal Options:

The Union, Honors Housing, and PHC are the places you should go on campus if you are looking for a hot meal.



Set Up of Dining Halls:


PHC is set up like a buffet, equipped with a salad bar, and several different types of cuisines to choose from.



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The Union

The Union is set up like a mall cafeteria with places like Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Einstein Bros Bagels, as well as a hamburger and pizza shop. If you are looking for a small snack (like coffee or cold sandwiches) you can visit Annex, OSH, the Law Building, and OSH.



Best spot to grab coffee?

There are small cafes serving similar snacks in each place. Be sure to buy a refillable coffee mug! Refills are significantly cheaper, and it helps cut down on waste from cups!



Favorite Places To Eat Around Campus:

The best place to eat on campus is easily the Union. Set up like a mall, there are tons of different foods choices for students. Choose from grilled burgers, sub sandwiches, smoothies, Chinese food, pizza, or a variety of “Grab N Go” meals. After your meal, you can go bowling or play pool!


Best Time To Eat On The University Of Utah Campus:

While the best place to eat on campus is the Union, it can also get to be kind of chaotic in the mornings. Einstein Bros Bagels are delicious (and unfortunately, everyone on campus agrees) so be sure to give yourself plenty of time when eating at the Union in the morning. The PHC Dining hall can also be a busy mess around mealtimes (especially at six in the evening!). Plan to eat thirty minutes before or after the “rush.”

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