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Guide To Eating On The UCLA Campus

Guide To Eating On The UCLA Campus

No one can really say UCLA’s food is NOT good. From BPlate to the Hill’s healthy dining hall, this is a solid guide to eating on the UCLA campus!

No one can really say UCLA’s food is NOT good. From BPlate, the Hill’s healthy dining hall, to De Neve’s Late Night to fuel your midnight cram sessions, there probably isn’t anything you could want that won’t, at some point, in some form, show up in one of the dining halls. Especially if you have a premier meal plan, your options are unlimited. Below is a summary of everything any incoming Bruin needs to know about eating at and around the UCLA campus!

Meal Plan Options

Bruin Premier 19

This is UCLA’s meal plan that offers the most flexibility (allowing for 19 swipes a week) which roll over week to week until the end of the quarter. Even better, this plan allows students to swipe more than once during any given meal period, which means food for friends and family too!

Gold 19

This plan gives students the most bang for their buck, allowing 19 meals per week. The only catch is that unused swipes do not roll over, and allows students only one swipe per meal period.


Bear Premier 14

This is the plan I chose, offering 14 meals per week and multiple swipes per meal period. This plan is good if you’re not planning on eating in the dining halls for every meal, especially on the weekends.

Cub 11

By far the most basic plan, this meal plan is great for students who commute or for those who go home on the weekends. This meal plan allots each student 11 meals per week. Like Blue 14 and Gold 19, this meal plan does not allow for multiple swipes per meal period, and meals do not roll over.

Blue 14

This meal plan allots each student 14 meals per week. However, like with Gold 19, this meal plan does not allow for more than one swipe per meal period, and meals do not roll over.




Dining Options


UCLA’s all-you-can-eat dining hall that emphasizes healthy options without compromising taste. One of my favorites!


De Neve

Your campus go-to for comfort food and late night chicken wings.


The best option if you’re trying to avoid lines!



Miss your mom’s Asian home cooking? Feast is your best bet to fulfill your Asian food cravings.


Smoothies, coffee, salads, and sandwiches to go!

Cafe 1919

Take out pizza and paninis! A great option for after class.




Off Campus

Espresso Profeta

Good coffee and good vibes- just a 15 minute walk from campus.




It’s like a Mediterranean Chipotle, but better.


Mama Hong’s

For your pho cravings.

See Also

Churros Calientes

Ice cream & churros. Need I say more?



Le Pain Quotidien

Brunch from here > brunch from De Neve.

Bru’s Wiffle

Because who doesn’t like fried chicken?


Veggie Grill

(Really just for their tempura green beans.)



For when you’re tired of dining hall soft serve.



I mean, aren’t you tired of those BCafe sandwiches?

Tacos Tu Madre

A light night taco spot for when you’re tired of Late Night’s mozzarella sticks.


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