15 Grown Up Birthday Party Ideas

These grown up birthday party ideas are going to be perfect for the adult who needs a little party in their life! Here are our faves!

For some reason, once we hit a certain age we fall under the impression that fun, planned out birthday parties are reserved for children and ages considered “the big one”. Well, whoever made up that rule must have really hated their birthday. Birthdays should always be a fun and memorable time no matter what age you are. No, they don’t necessarily have to be extravagant, mind-blowing events every year, but they should at the very least be enjoyable. Of course, birthday parties aren’t for everyone, but if you’re the type of person enjoys celebrating another year, then keep reading. Here are 15 “grown-up” birthday party themes and ideas to help you celebrate your next birthday.

Theme: High tea

This theme is for anyone who likes a slow-paced birthday. Maybe you prefer things to be a bit simpler or elegant. Or perhaps you’re usually wild child and just want to switch things up a bit. Regardless of the reason, having a high tea inspired birthday party is the way to go. Have your friends get dressed up and then enjoy a peaceful party of drinks and treats. Whether you have your party at home or rent out a space, your high tea birthday party won’t be complete without these décor and recipe ideas.

Tea sandwich recipes

No high tea is complete without tea sandwiches and a variety of sweets. There are a number of recipes to choose from. So, to help you out here’s a list of high tea goodies to mix and match to serve at your party.


DIY sandwich stand

A large part of high tea is the presentation. Tea sandwiches and sweets are usually served on stands. Instead of looking for the perfect stand to purchase, why not try making your own?


Floral Ice Cubes

Since this is an adult birthday party, someone is bound to bring some alcohol. These floral ice cubes are a cute way to keep the drinks cold.

Theme: Margherita, Margarita

Consider this the adult version of the traditional pizza party. Only in this scenario you’re serving pizza that’s a step up from pepperoni and throwing back margaritas instead of Capri Suns. Gather all your friends and your ingredients and see who can create the best margherita pizza. While things are cooking up in the kitchen, you and your friends can enjoy great margaritas.


Margarita bar

Set up a margarita bar with all the fixings for a great drink. This way everyone gets a drink when they want.

Margherita pizza recipe

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with how to make a margherita pizza here’s and easy recipe to try. Of course, if you’re not the best cook around you could always get a friend to make the pizza for you.


Margarita cupcakes

Try this cupcake recipe for dessert. It strays from the traditional cake and since there’s alcohol in it, it sticks to the theme.


Theme: Film screening

Gather all your friends and have a film screening of a few of your favorite movies. This theme is a bit more relaxed. It’s perfect if you and your friends all have jobs, are full-time students, or both. It’s pretty easy to set up and will be a lot of fun regardless of what movie you watch.

DIY Movie Screen

If you don’t already have one of those fancy, giant TVs, you can easily create your own faux movie screen with this simple DIY project. Not only is it great for your party, but you’ll be able to save it for future events.


Popcorn Bar

You can’t watch a movie without snacks. Create a popcorn bar for your friends to create their own snack mixes. Fill the bar with a few different popcorn flavors and other snack foods to mix in with the popcorn.

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Blanket Fort

You’re never too old for a blanket fort. For some reason they always make movie watching so much cozier. So, try this DIY to create your own blanket fort.

Theme: No Theme

Of course, not every party needs a theme. Maybe you just want to get together with a few of your closest friends and celebrate your special day. That’s fine, but you can still offer some nice decorations and sweets for when your friends come over.


Gold Number or Letter Balloons

The metallic number or letter balloon trend is still going strong. So, why not purchase some for decorations. You can display you age, your birth year, even your name if you want.

Alcoholic Cupcakes

Instead of a traditional cake, offer your friends some delicious alcoholic cupcakes. Of course, you can make any kind that you like, but here’s a recipe to try for some tasty champagne cupcakes.


Photo Wall

Have your friends bring photos that they’ve taken with or of you. Once they arrive have them place the photos on the wall. Here’s a list of a few different ways you can arrange the photos on your wall.

Do you have a birthday coming up? Will you be trying any of these ideas or themes? Comment below!