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Grow A Beard With These 5 Different Tips

Grow A Beard With These 5 Different Tips

What makes a man a man? Is it the way he continues to work countless hours every day to provide for his family.  Is it the way he excludes wisdom to everyone he speaks too.  These are all correct attributes to a man, but one thing stands out from seeing a man without actually knowing him. It is his beard. Here are five different tips for growing a great beard. 

Time and Patience.

Every man wants a long beard similar to those historical Vikings. Their beards were so manly due to their length and bulky size. Everything great comes with patience. When deciding to grow your beard, you must elude a tremendous amount of patience.

We tend to believe that because the hair on the top of our head grows so fast that the hair around our jawline can become equally as fast. Honestly, that isn’t the case when it comes to our facial hair. When starting to grow your beard get ready for a lot of rough-looking days. 


Washing your Beard twice a week 

 Most people wash their faces every day. As a man, how many times do you wash your beard or the hairs around your neck and jawline? I’m pretty sure most men don’t wash that area every day. Although not cleaning it every day may seem like a bad thing, but it’s smart to only clean that part of your face around two to three times a week.

The reason you shouldn’t wash that area every day is that you don’t want your beard to become very dry. Once your beard is dry it won’t be able to grow effectively. Washing your beard can also be very harmful because it could damage your hair because of all the scrubbing we do when we are cleaning. 


Using hair growth products such as Rogaine

When growing your beard, not all your hairs will grow at the same speed. Also, once it begins to grow, you will start to notice patches throughout some parts of your beard. Remember, the first tip is you need to have when growing a beard is patience. Don’t think because you have patches that maybe your hair won’t grow in that area. There are many items you can use to help your hair grow. One of the most used products is Rogaine. Rogaine was first used for people who were old and began to notice their hair falling out. They would use this item to grow hair. Why not use it on your face to grow hair. Try to find Rogain foam instead of the drops. The foam is way more comfortable to use because you can rub it into your beard every morning and night. The results of using this product won’t show up the next day. On average, about a couple of weeks, you will be able to see the effects of the Rogain on your face. Continue to apply the foam daily as you continue to grow your beard to the length you desire.


Use vitamins such as Biotin

 Biotin is a vitamin. Women mostly use this vitamin, but the effects are significant for growing your beard. This vitamin helps your hair growth throughout your body, and the hair follicles will be very healthy as they grow. Depending on the number of pills you bought, you should take maybe one to two capsules daily in the morning. Remember to drink a lot of water after you indulge the vitamins so it can get flushed through your system faster. I have been using this product for a couple of months and i can guarantee you it works, but you have to be patient.

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Use the right products that are specially designed for your beard

When I started trying to grow my beard, I would use the everyday products I had in my bathroom cabinets such as shampoo, combs, and grease. My facial hair would become very irritated and itchy. I hated the feeling of being at work and constantly scratching my face. It is a very uncomfortable position to be in. I didn’t know that they have these same items specially made for your beard. The beard comb is very smooth, and it doesn’t have sharp edges.

The difference between a regular comb and a beard comb is when you comb through your beard, a regular comb can damage your hair. The regular comb is notorious for giving your beard spit-ins, and it pulls out your hair while you’re combing through it. The beard comb does the exact opposite of the regular comb. Try to find beard shampoo instead of essential shampoo. The reason you want to use beard shampoo is that it has minerals and vitamins that pertain to only the beard hairs. Regular shampoo dries out your facial hair very quickly, and that’s something you don’t want to happen. Also, it has a tendency to leave caked up residue in your pores. The beard shampoo profoundly cleans your hair pores.

Moisturizing your beard is vital, and regular grease isn’t a lousy option like the other two options I aforementioned, but it also leaves a shiny, greasy look to your face. Regular grease does help your hair grow. Beard grease does the same, but it doesn’t give that greasy look to your face. Beard grease leaves your face with a shiny look, minus the greasy look. Choosing to use products created specifically for you goes a long way for when you want to grow a beard successfully. They also have a brush that is customized just for the hairs around your face. The bristles are a little bit different than a regular brush. Try using these items, and I promise you who won’t be disappointed compared to when you use other bathroom products that are not’ used explicitly for your beard. 

These tips should allow you to grow your beard successfully if you use the product exactly as I stated above.

Have you grown a beard? What kind of tips do you have to develop a great beard? Leave a comment below!

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