10 Grooming Essentials Every Guy Should Always Keep In His Bathroom

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Grooming isn’t considered a “manly” thing to do by many people. Nonetheless, it is still important and neglecting to can result in unkempt and unhygienic appearances. Men that aspire to good looks and cleanliness need to have some essential products in their bathrooms ready to be used when they wash up in the morning. Some of them are obvious but others just might surprise you for grooming essentials.

1. Have some anti-dandruff shampoo just in case.

Even if you don’t have dandruff, it’s good to keep some of this on hand. Statistically speaking, men are more likely than women to get dandruff problems and these problems typically start when the afflicted is a teenager. For this reason, it’s important to have some over-the-counter products that’ll moisturise your scalp and keep your hair clear and smooth-feeling.

2. Always use deodorant.

This is one of the obvious ones but it’s pretty easy to forget. Besides just making people smell nice, deodorant also gets rid of bacteria in the armpits that create unpleasant odors. On top of that, bad scents can make people anxious and hurt their self-esteem, especially knowing that the source of them is their own bodies. For these reasons, deodorant is a must and guys should never leave the house without applying it to themselves.

Check out these grooming essentials

3. Conditioner looks great in head hair.

Conditioner’s job in smoothing head hair makes it useful for guys who like to style it, especially during the combing process. As a moisturizer, it also helps to hydrate the scalp, similar to but not exactly like the job of anti-dandruff shampoos. It’s also just good for making hair look shiny without making it oily nor gross to the touch.

4. Hair gel is a requirement for certain looks.

Hair gel users are stereotyped as being douche-y or unintelligent but the truth is that some styles are flat-out impossible without it. Whether you like your hair combed back, spiky, wavy, tousled or just shaped differently than others, you’re going to need a few bottles of this product on hand. The best brands of gel stay effective for a while and smell fabulous while doing it. If you’re attempting something unique with your hair, grab a bottle of this next time you’re out shopping for toiletries.

Check out these grooming essentials

5. Nail files are an often overlooked tool.

There really are too many guys with jagged, uneven nails out there. I know as someone who bites their nails a lot that files are incredibly important in order to have smooth, soft fingernails. Luckily, they’re incredibly cheap and easy to use and once you start using them, it becomes a habit so you’ll never have to worry about your nails again!

6. Lip balm is also often overlooked.

Just like guys ignore smoothing out their nails, guys also tend to ignore smoothing out their lips. Lip balm is an equally easy and equally cheap way to moisturize the lips resulting in them feeling smoother to the touch. Lip balm is also good for papering over cracks and dryness, making them look better too. Keep a stick of this with your other wash-up supplies; it can’t hurt for grooming essentials.

Check out these grooming essentials

7. Cotton swabs are essential for keeping ears clean.

Better known as “Q-tips,” cotton swabs allow you to clean off any obvious wax or dry skin hanging around the ear canal. It should be noted that using them to clear away wax actually pushes it further back into the ear, which can be dangerous. But using them for a quick cleanup of the visible areas is just fine and recommended if you want the cleanest looking ears you can possibly have with these grooming essentials.

8. Manual razors are a necessity for staying clean-shaven.

There really is some hair that just can’t be picked away by an electric razor. But tweezers take a while to use and that’s before you actually do the plucking, which can be quite painful! A small pack of manual razors is a good thing to have when you want to trim away any leftovers from your session. Just put some shaving cream (even a skin cleaner like Noxzema can work) on the area and get to work. It’s that simple for grooming essentials.

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Check out these grooming essentials

9. Body milk is a fun product that makes your skin smoother and better smelling.

Body milk is, in essence, a thinner form of your typical body lotion. That doesn’t make it less effective though. In fact, its thinness makes it easier to rub into your skin, making it simpler to use that the aforementioned lotions. Body milk also tends to more fragrant than other skincare products. This makes it good for your nostrils as well as your looks. Why not give it a shot?

10. Aftershave reduces inflammation when you need it.

Let’s be honest for a second about shaving; it’s one of the hardest, most tedious things you can do as an adult man. And by the time you’re done with it, your skin can end up all red and rough feeling. Aftershave calms down the inflammation, smooths over cuts and softens the afflicted skin so that it looks and feels fresh and healthy.

Check out these grooming essentials

Are these truly important grooming essentials or is there anything else you can add to it? Leave your responses in the comments section down below!

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